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Full Version: Butt plug reviews....
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It's seems that many bums on here like to have things stuffed up em for a bit of fun...

I thought I'd start a thread so that you can review them to give feedback for others.

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Ok the ones I own....

1) latex inflatable plug
[Image: wholesale-wholesale-expando-inflatable-butt.jpg]
This one is easy to insert as you can squeeze nearly all the air out, fold it a bit and slide it in..
Then the more pumps you give it the bigger it gets... it will not come out by accident when pumped up hard!!
The material is latex rubber.

2) Doc Johnson classic Medium
[Image: DJ_Classic-Butt-Plug_Medium_1000x1000.png?v=1444757558]
This was my first 'solid' plug. Definitely glad I went for this one completely bypassing the small one.
Relatively easy in if you relax a take a few minutes to slide it home.
It's not a round plug at its widest, much more ovalled.
Once in it sits quite comfortably but can eject itself quite easily if standing. The longer it's in the easier it is to keep it in without too much clenching/concentrating. 
Length: 13.97cm (5.5 Inches)
Insertable: 10.6cm (4.2 Inches)
Circumference: 13.3cm (5.25 Inches)
Diameter: 4.2cm (1.7 Inches)
The material is slick and smooth

3) Rocks off Rude boy
[Image: 41UHSOHlkwL._AC_UL320_SR294,320_.jpg]
This was my first 'P Spot' insertable.
Disappointingly thin but the vibes are fun... no hope of it staying in place without support.
The material has a sort of dry rough rubber feel to it, but not an issue once lived.

4) Rocks off Big boy
[Image: Bad_boy_black_copy__53517_1_1_3.jpg]
Significantly larger than the rude boy, much more a triple ball stack. First 2 balls go in ok for me, it can instantly provide some dripping up front. The angles of the toy mean it goes much more in and forwards rather than up like  a standard plug. I find this angle combined with the 3rd and largest ball makes it difficult to fully insert as it almost feels as I'm reaching a depth limit into my pubic area? Again the vibe patterns are fun.
The material feels very firm and sort of dry and bumpy... an ultra slick toy this isn't.

4) Doc Johnson Classic Large
[Image: 350-05.jpg]
Only recently got this one and only had a very quick 'rushed' test.
The large is much much bigger than the medium in width, but similar in length. It almost feels as if it's twice the size, but realistically it's probably only 20% wider.
Didn't manage to insert it fully but fairly sure with a more steady session I will succeed
The material feels slick and smooth before any lube is added.
Length: 15.24cm (6 Inches)
Insertable: 12.7cm (5 Inches)
Circumference: 18.4cm (7.25 Inches)
Diameter: 5.8cm (2.28 Inches)
The material is slick and smooth
I have an inflatable butt plug as well. I found it somewhat easy after I pump it up just a little bit. Once in, I can pump it up fully.

I also have an inflatable enema plug. It's pretty much the same as the plug.

One item I do like and have both versions is the ass ankore. Yea, I misspelled it I know, but these I really like. You just squeeze the the two ends together, push it in, and the tip spreads out, locking the plug inside.
One is the basic plug and the other has a vibratior in it.
Both are vary easy to wear.

The last buttplug I bought was the butt tunnel. Interesting to say the lease. But it does not stay open, and very hard to get in.

That about all I can tell you for now.
Ass anchor.
ok, the ones i own

[Image: 31YiWV69gpL.jpg]
1. The Mystim Twisting Tom
e-stim prostate stimulator Plug.
The Twisting Tom is a quattro-polar prostate stimulaton plug made of 100% medical grade platinum silicone. The 4 poles create two separated stimulation areas: the prostate and the perineum.
You can bend the plug in whatever form you desire, the toy will keep this form.
It is easy to slide it in and it feels quite comfortable. You can bend it and decide
how much it puts pressure on your prostate.
The E-stim function is really much fun. I use it with the Mystim Tension Lover e-stim unit.
The feeling is not comparable to something i tried before.
if you use just the 2 electrodes in the ass, It can feel like you get fucked from behind really deep or like a strong Vibration in you Ass.
I tried the electrodes on the perineum area but i don´t like the feeling. For me it just hurts....
but the best feeling is in combination with other self gluing electrodes on your buttocks
(feels like someone slapping your ass) or with silicone Rubber bands on your penis tip is
really nice. (i can come like that!) The plug is worth every cent you pay for it.

[Image: 31McwHDYTBL.jpg]
2. The Nexus Revo

I bought it because i liked the idea of a real mechanical prostate massage.
It works with a strong motor which rotates the tip of the plug.
The feeling is interesting but not that intense as i expected.
I like to sit on it because i pushes the tip really to my prostate and i start to drip.
A nice toy but the price is to high for the result.
Just looked at your twisting tom. Wow... $80.00 USD
Hmm.... On eBay.
(12 Nov 2016, 22:12 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Just looked at your twisting tom. Wow... $80.00 USD
Hmm.... On eBay.

47€ on Amazon
This was a good review. Although, this is the 1st time I have heard of platinum silicone. Kenny actually makes that stuff? I guess I will have to do a little bit of research on this myself.
After the discussions above about 'ass anchors' I decided to get one myself. (Like the attached photos. )
It arrived yesterday and I must say im very impressed with the concept of these toys.
Insertion can be a bit fiddly as holding the two slick 'wings' together and pushing it up can be a bit of a co-ordination challenge.
Once you get the technique and timing right though it's not a problem.
Once in you have the strange but not unpleasant sensation of the wings opening up and it pulling itself further in to your body.
Unlike a traditional plug that sort of shoot in once past the widest point, these slowly climb in a little further.

Very comfortable and I can't see one of these dropping out unexpectedly... under any circumstances.

Removal is a little more challenging that insertion.
As I mention it won't come out by accident.
Mine is 42mm closed and 75mm open.. and considering I can't currently manage to get my 52mm doc Johnson large in 75 isn't going to fall out.
To remove it you need to grab the base and gently pull whil trying to both relax and squeeze your bum at the same time... or at least in waves/pulses.

This could easy be a long session comfortable toy.
Thanks much @ltxrob! Just in time, because I'm going to buy one 😉
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