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(13 Sep 2020, 21:39 )Vacbedbound Wrote: [ -> ]This one is interesting:
Yep, got one of those.
You need to be careful that needle is inserted correctly so as not to damage it.
The whole thing is flexible, the "neck" is not rigid.
The ball jiggling around isn't always apparent. Best effect was going up/down stairs
As long as you don't make it too big it's comfey for extended wear.
You can wear it under even tight clothing without it being detected
B-Vibe Snug Plug.

Ive recently got one of these and had a quick opportunity to test it this evening, only  20 mins or so

It is a weighted slim neck easy wear plug that is available in 5 inert sizes and 2 vibrating ones

I got the Size 3, will probably explore a 4 too at some point
Insertion was incredibly easy (hence the size 4 comment 😉 ) as was removal.
The neck is only 1cm in diameter so they are incredibly easy to wear long term, and I certainly did not feel as if it was going to slip out by accident 

They have jiggle balls in them but they are pretty much unnoticeable, not sure how the heavier ones would fair..
Partly this could be because they really dont have much movement space available.. so their main function is weight.

All in all very good, I bought the genuine one on Amazon... im sure there are probably chinese copies available somewhere but I did not look for them... my plan was to use the Amazon collection lockers! 😉

High Comfort
Good Quality feel
Easy to insert and wear.
Price was pretty reasonable @ £32
Ive recently been enjoying these plug from Ali Express.

I have both the Small and Medium at the moment and the Large is on the way

Incredibly comfortable to wear and very easy to insert as they deflect well as they are so soft.
Was a little worries about the size of the base "wings" so to start with I had a string aroudn the neck "just in case" but  they never move so have now stoped doing so.

Sure they are knock off of Gape Keeper or Egg plugs... but cant argue with the price!
Ok, I'll add mu review for this plug :

This is by far the best plug I ever had for me and I love it.

If it's wriggly to insert, once you have found your way, it's the fastest one to place.  The trick I believe is to insert it without the needle in.  You just push the ball in with 3 fingers, then help goes deeper with the rest.  Other/larger one needing a bit of work to let my ass widen, this one is small enough to just pop in easy.  

Unlike my other classic inflatable but plug, this one does not deflate (or near not).  And being so flexible, it just fills rightly my inners so it's very conformable, even for long term wear.  What's more impressive is I never have the impression is will go deeper in by itself (unlike my hard plug which always keep me wondering even if there is little chance dur to it's base).

In fact, you almost forget it except for the little ball that keeps remind you when you move  💓 .  Not that much wiggling except if you walk more girly like (moving your ass) but just enough to keep you alert  😁

The downside is you need to carefully insert the needle in and not force it or you might tear it down.  I usually put a bit of lube on it.  This will also keep the insert hole more flexible I believe so.  I also had  a weird issue one time : I had to re-insert the needle as it was nor deflating nor inflating.  Probably got caught in so you really need to be gentle.

So, if this one comes to fail, I will most likely get another one again.
Still my go to after many years:

Something about the weight / size ratio that is the perfect combination for very long wearing. Expensive but worth it and one of my few toys that has exceeded the sex toy "marketing hype."
This popped up in the 'adverts' feed section of the Forum today:


Remote control expanding butt plug 

It's an intriguing concept, having your ass 'locked' and controlled by a partner who might be many miles away - but there are a few doubts in my mind.

Price - it's not cheap! This isn't a 'toy' to be impulse brought and, should it prove to be useless of disappointing, discarded without too much regret.

Size - there are some sizes quoted, but important ones like insertable length are not (unless I missed them?)

Safety - I can't help but worry about some of the edges looking a bit sharp and, worse, that they'll close with a pinching action (OWWWWW!!!!!!). Also the fantasy of being remotely controlled is one thing, but what happens if the remote fails and you/your partner can't close the device? Or the battery goes flat and needs recharging before it can be removed, or, or, or....  

Still, it's a nice fantasy and will appeal to many 

And don't forget the most import point to note that the seller makes:

 'Pull it out in time when you go to the toilet'

- wise words...  Lol Lol Lol Lol 


(27 Aug 2021, 08:21 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]but what happens if the remote fails and you/your partner can't close the device?
Lest we forget, Qiui is the same company that came up in the news recently for the security issue with their Cellmate chastity cage where a hacker could override the unlock command, leaving you locked in...
(28 Aug 2021, 03:30 )BoundWolf Wrote: [ -> ]leaving you locked in...
... FOREVER!!!!
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