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Let's keep all vibrator ideas and tips here.
[attachment=5783]I wanted a Timed Vibrator. Something that would kick on AFTER I finish my tieing. All too often, it seems, that I go over the edge with a vibrator before I can finish the wrist tie.

So, With a switch, some telephone stuff and an egg timer, I came up with this.

It works really well. I can set it up 1/2 hour, finish tieing and BOOM the timer kicks on my toys, and off I go.

Here is a picyure of it.

I use bigger batteries so the fun last longer.
It should be very easy to design, implement and manufacture vibrators with timers. One IC, one LCD display, a couple of buttons, one transistor and two batteries. Something like that. Think of a digital clock. But someone has to do that. Ni hao, Chinese friends, are you listening? 😉

Another solution is to use the OhMiBod vibrator (see the link above) connected to a radio with an alarm clock.
I saw that. I think it's cool. But I don't have an i-phone or MP3 player.

What I did find at a Radio Sh**k was A kit that trigers LEDs when a sound is heard. I remove the LEDs and use a relay.

Hmmm.. Didn't think about using that for SB.

Thanks for the Idea
I've recently been making a vibrator for my girlfriend using my Arduino ( ), an LCD shield ( ), the vibrators out of an xbox controller, and a film canister for a container.

It took some ingenuity to put the thing together, using some super glue to make sure the seals are water tight, and filing down the notches on the cap to make it comfortable to insert. Although you could plug in a store bought vibrator if you'd prefer, I'm just working with what I've got.

The software is what I'd like to share. I've been working on it for the passed week and a bit, and I'm approaching the physical limit of features that I can give it (The Arduino is basically full on the software side of things). It has 4 main settings; constant, wave, wave of waves (I'll explain further down), and random (my favourite).

It outputs a voltage (0 to 5v at a maximum of 1.8amps (usb max) ) through one of the pins on the board to ground. (I can give further instructions to how this all works and is constructed if anyone would like)

Now for the settings:
-Constant: I believe this is fairly self explanatory. You can select a level from 0 -> 255 (0 being 0volts, 255 being 5volts) and that will continue indefinitely.

-Wave: I spent a long time coming up with different wave settings. There are 4 wave settings; the standard sine wave; triangle wave; square wave; and sawtooth wave. You can also select the minimum and maximum levels, as well as the amount of time it takes the wave to oscillate (this can be from 1 -> 9999 seconds (9999 seconds = roughly 3 hours).

-Wave of Waves: Because I'm rather mathematically inclined, I wanted a way to make the waves increase in frequency, and then decrease in frequency, as if it were breathing. (for those who are also mathematically inclined, I used the following function as my basis: y = cos( tan( x ) ), with some modification to make it work for my purpose. (for those who really want to know, you can always look through the source code.)
Again, this setting allows you to chose the minimum and maximum levels, the period between cycles, and a constant term that changes how many waves there are per cycle (if you put a constant before tan(x), you'll understand what I'm talking about )

-Random: Finally, my favourite setting. This setting will randomly choose what it will do (it does not however choose Wave of Waves... yet), it will select a random wave setting with random maximum and minimum values as well as a random period with a random amount of time that it will spend on that setting, or it will choose a constant setting for a random amount of time, or turn off for a period of time. The maximum and minimum values that the random program can choose from can be set, as well as the maximum period, and the maximum and minimum amount of time it can spend on a single setting.

The source code is available here:
I am still putting the finishing touches on it and would love to have some feedback on what the community would like out of this.
Just in case, there is a separate thread for Arduino designs:
I think I may have posted this in another thread but I turned my OhMiBod vibrator into a random on off vibrator by making a custom 30 min sound file that has very loud noise that turns on and off at variable intervals and loaded the file to my iPod Shuffle. Connect the Shuffle or any iPod to the OhMiBod vibrator via Aux jack and press play.

When I tie myself up I put it all away in a little tamper proof box so it can't be turned off and I tuck the box into my ropes on my waist or in my corset. The experience is extremely torturous after about 30 mins and after 60 mins it's purely maddening! It's pretty much a random on and off vibrator for dummies lol.