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Full Version: Swimming or taking a bath in pantyhose, stockings or zentai
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How would you title this photo?
Creature from the black spandex lagoon
And this thread has reached 100k views (109,748)!
My vacation to the sunny beaches has been cancelled again 😟 No swimming in pantyhose this year...



0:53 - please tell me she's wearing pantyhose!!

Relaxing in a good bath, yummy!  😋


(animated gif)
Enjoys the visual and tactile sensations of wet clothes / here
From Wetfoto, they have a nice amount of wet look pics.

(24 Jul 2020, 00:32 )blackfive Wrote: [ -> ]Two days running sea swimming in tights under my swimming trunks to keep my legs warm, it works by the way. Walking home from beach (about half a mile) with plenty of people about, tights still on, and without any over trousers. First time my wife has not yelped at me wearing tights openly in public.

No repeat likely for a few days as the weather has broken. However, a new norm’ established.

First sea swim of this year's summer earlier today - same as last year with openly worn tights.
(14 Jun 2021, 23:33 )blackfive Wrote: [ -> ]same as last year with openly worn tights.
What kind of tights? With swimming trunks/swimsuit?
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