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Full Version: Swimming or taking a bath in pantyhose, stockings or zentai
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I have swum in hose a few times now, usually in hotel or spa pools and the feeling is always intense plus it's a bit risque to do so as well which adds to the frisson. Nude sheers work well and are almost transparent when wet so less noticeable to anyone else sharing the pool with you especially when going to or from the changing area but I'd love to do it one day in a dark shade and just see what happens, maybe that's the exhibitionist in me, LOL.
(24 Jul 2018, 16:35 )Amy_jane Wrote: [ -> ]usually in hotel or spa pools
Yeah, did that a couple of times ;P
wowww one of the best post I have ever seen
How about we organize a private wet pool party for all of us I'm ready to donate we can rent a house with pool for 2 nights and we can have unlimited fun just imagine
We are too far from each other 😊

And welcome aboard @Wetleotard7777777 😉
Yea, A World convention of pantyhose wearing guys would be pretty hard to pull off.
Going through soon-to-be-deleted-google+-groups:

Nice but ... no appreciation for good pantyhose


[attachment=33713] like here
Back-seamed stockings 😋

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