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Full Version: Swimming or taking a bath in pantyhose, stockings or zentai
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Swimming in zentai




Important edit: I would make it clear that these images I found on Imagefap are in fact the copyright of Shiny Videos However, as you will see later in the thread the copyright owner has very kindly given permission for them to remain as long as his copyright is acknowledged.


Thank you Rawy 😊
This is a notice I hope you realize some of the pics posted are copywrited because some of the pics posted come from wetlook sites and I know the owners of a few of the sites they are members of wetlook forums I don't know if they approve of their material being used without their consent
All images posted here are taken from free sources, web-master promotion materials and free promotion materials posted by the site-owners. Many images have no known source/author. Should the copyright owner complain, the images in question will be removed. This is a common practice.
Like RA
Ok the pics of the girl in tights and the blue suit belong to shinyvideos it seems someone removed the sites name from them but it's ok the owner of shinyvideos has been notified and the YouTube video from fantasystockings she has also been notified both these people I happen to know well if they have any complaints they will write you
Hi Dvlget
As I recall (though it's a long time ago) those images came from a open account on Imagefap. Certainly they're posted exactly as I found them.

Those images are indeed from my site & they should not be shared without the logo at the bottom of each picture, however I'm happy for them to be shared here as long as the post states they are images from


Thats kind of you! I can imagine not every owner of pictures is reacting this well...
Appropriate acknowledgement added. Thanks again Rawy.
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