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Full Version: You tied yourself up. Now what.
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Bit of a problem as my ties get better. You tied yourself up. You will be freed in one hour and.......... what now. Sure you have a vibrator and stuff but no real need or urge to squirm. Even nipple pinching isn't that motivating.

In this thread I hope to explore the ways of making bondage more, interesting when tied.
Hopefully without blowing the budget.

First is the things that can motivate you to move. Strong pain, tickling, orgasms, discomfort. 

Strong pain: ole reliable. There is the rice in your shoe method. Pulling on nipple clamps, small blunt spikes, sticking a silicone tube down your nose. Slapping or crushing something. 

Tickling: this is the most difficult one as tickling depends on you not being able to really anticipate when the tickling will happen. The current idea I have is to use feathers on a thi. String like a chainsaw that can move forwards and backwards however I am not sure about if that would work.

Orgasms: Not reliable enough or common enough to force movement. Also not very movement inducing, more just spasming

Discomfort: there aren't many kinds of discomfort that are safe and many reasonably border on torture but hey I do intend on making you feel the need to move. I am still trying to make a breath through deepthroat gag (smooth on silicone is expensive). Water enema,
From the top of my head, timer controlled e-stim comes to mind as well as an array of cascaded, timed release mechanisms you will have to get to in order to completely free yourself. The latter one needs careful balancing and fail-safes of course.

Combine those two - slightly increase the e-stim over time and arrange your release methods in a way that you need to endure the e-stim for a while before you can actually get to the off-switch. Set up release methods that can be sped up by moving/struggling (wriggle your way to reach a frozen padlock key to dump it into a shallow bowl of room temperature water) to advance the process.
Add eaphones with some funny/kinky/nasty hypno 😋
Automatic orgasm denial would be perfect. Such as:

Coming close to orgasm dozens of times while bound seems like it would be amazing.
an Idea I had in the past that I was expolring was was estim/shocker linked to an Arduino that would montor movement either through accelerometer or tip switch.
Unless the Arduino saw movement every 10s or so it would deliver a zap to "insert appropriate body part here" to ensure that you kept moving.
Challenge I was having was thinking about how you can integrate a cheap ali estim kit with the controller.
The more expensive ones have real siwthces, so its easy to swap to relays, but the cheap AliX ones have "soft" switches ... trickier

all this sits in a small box in your lower back that is bolted to a harness..

Move and no issues.. stop and you get zapped!