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Full Version: Self-Bondage Art
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Should the cutouts for the captive have some sort of padding?  I was considering that for mine as I would actually like to be held in the middle rather than against the back side.  Doing that may only be feasible with padding of some sort.

If the box is going to be laid down, the body weight of the captive is going to be borne by the edges. So the thickness of the edges needs considered. And yes, either there needs to be padding or there need to be enough points of support that the skin pressure's either not unbearable/damaging or is comfortable 😇  Me, I'm a big fan of comfortable bondage, personally. Or there need to be supporting pads behind the captive, a 'mattress'.

And the number of boards impacts the pressure. If you are going some encasement scene with 20 boards completely locking the captive in place, each board only holds up 5% or so of body weight - like the yogi sleeping on bed of nails trick.

Interesting part of having the boards be separate from the box is that they're interchangeable. So you could have padded boards for one scene, a set to hold the captive in the center of the box, a set to hold them in the back, a different board to hold hands up next to the head, etc.

When we talk about padding, it's important to think about the padding material. Pads are springs - the skin against the pad is pushed on over a large area with uniform pressure, because if a spot is sticking out, the padding deforms and moves away. But when the pad is fully compressed, then the resistance "bottoms out" and it's like there's no padding.  Think of the difference between the cheap yellow foam rubber mattress and the stuff used to wrap hot water pipes.
I'd say for this application, the water pipe wrap is best.

Expanding upon the trestle idea, I wonder if building the box such that it can rotate via pivot points on each side would be useful or interesting in any way.  If it were built with an attached stand in mind, imagine the top being able to lay you flat or turn you on your head with ease.

That's pretty much what this box does, with the proviso that it doesn't let you tilt the box beyond vertical.  Maybe a tilt could be added to the trestle to do that.
Going to post this and then render a video of it in action.

How it works -

there's a bar sticking out from the trestle at ground level. The box should be set up with the back touching the bar.

To tilt back, lean the box back against the trestle. The lower lip of the 'frame' on the back will 'hook' against the end bar of the trestle.

With a captive in it, the center of gravity of the box is just about at the height of the top of the trestle.

So it should require little effort to rotate the box level.

With the box resting on the top of the trestle, it can be slid into final position. Obviously, the tops of the runners and the surface of the box need to be reasonably smooth. Bearing wheels could be put in the box or the trestle to make that easier, but I like the mechanical simplicity of the design as is.
How do we call the new thread with all the recent posts?
(16 Dec 2022, 07:33 )equinus Wrote: [ -> ]


Afraid I can't give a good translation as it is in Japanese and not Chinese and they are only distantly related but I will give it my best shot. No translate tool used so take it as guesswork

Today introducing a new self bondage tool

Originally used to hang things or secure tools
(Afterwards is some kinda instruction on how a rope ratchet works and releases.)

Above is a description of how the rope ratchet works. When used in self bondage it is exciting
2000 yen something commentary. Best guess is that it is saying the technique is cheap since 2000 yen is only 14 dollars

Below is a safety warning that rope ratchets are normally used for inanimate objects which aren't hurt by the tension but humans can be and to be very careful.

After that is says that setup is quick and only needs 2 minutes

Second page is telling about how it can be used to bind the 2 arms together but offers further warnings that this method is dangerous with quite a few mentions of the word pain.

Best I could do sorry, it is basically only knowing the nouns of a sentence and having to guess at everything else.

Personally I wouldn't use the method shown in the image directly. I would use the ratchet loop to cinch a larger presmeasured loop to avoid pinching or over tensioning.
If it helps,
yandex has a picture to text translation service (OCR) that works relatively well :
I use FastStone capture (or any similar tool) to take a snapshot of the area containing the text to be translated, save it as a jpg file, drag if on the translation page, select the source and target language, et voilà! Very useful for mangas.
About doing self bondage using the said ratchet, for safety I would have a rope cutter like this one below close by or suspended with an ice lock for delayed release. Important warning: don't use a noose knot to tie your wrists, that will cut blood flow and will render the hands useless... Scare3 Scare3

[Image: 21908.jpg]
(17 Dec 2022, 14:03 )estanton Wrote: [ -> ]yandex has a picture to text translation service
Phonecamera-based Google Translate?
(17 May 2023, 07:04 )equinus Wrote: [ -> ]New idea from Twitter @Spring_tami
Looks very complicated for self-bondage. And we need translation 😉
I thought we had a translation in another post.
But it’s not completely impossible.
I did the same basic tie before, using the technique from @nancyautobond.
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