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Full Version: Self-Bondage Art
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(01 Oct 2015, 11:36 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, waking up (not trying to fall asleep!!!) in tight (but comfortable!) bondage is one of my fantasies 😉

Yeah, same here, waking up in a tight bondage situation without any memory of setting it up (and thus not quite sure how to escape).
(16 Dec 2015, 16:24 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]- a classic, but one I've never successfully achieved... maybe next year?

I tried that. It turned out that I underestimated the length of the pantyhose sleeves on my arms, and I wasn't nearly as helpless as I planned. I was able to pull the waistband over my head to my front, and from that point it's a piece of cake to get out. My session from applying the blindfold to typing here took about 15 minutes.

The second time I tried it, I placed myself on the stomach because I thought it would make it more intense. No. It only made it more escapeable. The problem is pulling the waistband over your head, and when you rise on your knees, it slips automatically off.

The third time around, I had the right length for the pantyhose sleeves, and I was on my back, but I bound my legs together and tied the single-leg into the end of the bed. After some thinking, I was able to escape by turning on my side, which eventually made it possible to slip the pantyhose over my head, and thus pull the arms out. Had this not been possible, I would have had to endure the whole ride.
Another one for the collection:

[attachment=17491] - I like the idea that as the ice melts she is tormented by the cold water dripping across her breasts. However, I think this is yet another example of good fantasy but not a realistic scenario (the knot by the ice will never pass through the ring?)


two more for the forum:

[attachment=17646] - how I fantasise I could work from home, if only.... 😟

[attachment=17647] - how come ladies have all the fun 'extras' when it come to a little bit of self-bondage tormenting? It's not fair! 😡


Another 4 scenarios for you:

[attachment=17827] - super complex (which I love) but would it ever work?
[attachment=17828] - never play self-bondage games with pets!
[attachment=17829] - a bit extreme and almost certainly incredibly unsafe!
[attachment=17830] - Oops (always have back-up plan, but this scenario is another that wouldn't work safely in reality anyway)


(02 Feb 2016, 15:48 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ][Image: post_14_1454424280_9c950eb2ba4e58e659e5d..._thumb.jpg]   - super complex (which I love) but would it ever work?
Another typical BoundAnna picture. Pervy fantasies and no real experience 😁

The only interesting "device" is the "time delayed jerking" on the left.
Ok, ok.
Boundanna has some pretty weird stuff on it, I'll agree.
But there is a lot of good ideas that will work.
Yes, I've tried a lot of them, some work, some didn't work at all.
And some could never work at all.
But the ones that are truly dangerest, can yield a few good ideas.

So in defence of Anna, I think it's a very good site.
I'm not saying that it's a bad site, but such images are the "trademark" of BA. The idea of "object A goes here, object B goes there" originated from BA. Pity they do not sort the scenarios, and some claim that they have done it (see, for example, this thread: )

(02 Feb 2016, 19:27 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]But the ones that are truly dangerest, can yield a few good ideas.
Yes, agree 😉

Over complex.
Two more for you all

[attachment=18072] - I love the idea of a zipper and cord to close (and then open) a single glove, but beware the consequences of a broken cord! Has anyone (@Strappado maybe) tried this approach?

[attachment=18073] - simple but effective? Going no-where until the ice melts. I think this is adaptable for 'real world' use, but to be honest it doesn't appeal enough to me to follow-up.


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