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Full Version: Self-Bondage Art
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The ultimate fantasy drone?

[attachment=18080] - go on, you know you'd love for this to be real and for sale on eBay 😁, all we need to figure out is how to get free!

(15 Feb 2016, 15:33 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]Two more for you all

- I love the idea of a zipper and cord to close (and then open) a single glove, but beware the consequences of a broken cord! Has anyone (@Strappado maybe) tried this approach?

- simple but effective? Going no-where until the ice melts. I think this is adaptable for 'real world' use, but to be honest it doesn't appeal enough to me to follow-up.
I don't know. I kind of like it. Simple and if you added a few extra things, like a locking gag, some toys that you can't reach,
A good step for beginners.
May not be a bad idea to keep this image in the tool box.
Interesting and simple method...
Not bad.
A link to a site I thought was closed, but have recently re-discovered PeterPD - great for some fun self-bondage and more. All digital, but nicely done.

Here's a taster of what you can expect:



I'd like to find this scene in real life...

[attachment=19048] - girls playing self-bondage games

In my mind both of these are self-bondage scenarios:

[attachment=19144] - she's holding keys to unlock each cuff, but can she even reach them?

[attachment=19145] - she's aeady found her friend in self-bondage, now she's put on her ankle and wrist cuffs ready to tie herself up too... but only after she's played with the helpless damsel.


(31 May 2016, 12:44 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ][Image: post_14_1464694888_5c4444d9fe664745c780a..._thumb.jpg]   - she's holding keys to unlock each cuff, but can she even reach them?
I like this self-bondage position (but I do not have such a bed anymore), the question is how to make it time-locked and safe? Obviously it's not going go to work as pictured (and filmed 😋 ).
I assume because of the what her friend is saying this is self-bondage gone wrong 😉


Some more I like to think of as self-bondage scenes:

[attachment=19452] - when being caught in self-bondage (again?) isn't what it might seem

[attachment=19453] - I know there are flaws in this, but: She's bound herself like this and the ball is full of frozen water. Only when it melts enough with the pulley system and counterweights allow her the movement she need to reach her freedom (look, indulge me! 😁 )

[attachment=19454] - just simply erotic and very sensual, even with the very dodgy translation I know what's going on and I like it!

[attachment=19455] - in this one she has tied herself to the bed and the rope around her waist prevents her reaching the knots to free her arms and legs. Only when the ice melts and releases the waist rope will she be able to undo those other knots. Meanwhile she's stuffed with a dildo and butt plug and is live on her website. The webcam in her laptop exposing her predicament to any visitor. Visitor 231 is talking to her right now, making all sorts of suggestive remarks and she can't say no!

[attachment=19456] - another self-bondage dilemma. Our heroine has very cleverly tied herself so that to reach the scissors she must suffer the ultimate 'wedgie'. But even that isn't the whole story - the wedgie will force the dildo and butt plug even deeper inside her body and those socks she taped onto her hands are going to make it very difficult indeed to work the scissors. Maybe she will just have to wait until the ice melts and releases that rope behind her?


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