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Full Version: Gags (and Hoods) - A personal view
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Gags and hoods

A common theme in self bondage is the inclusion of a gag or hood during a session. This may vary from a simple ‘cleave’ gag (any piece of material pulled into your mouth and tied behind your head) all the way through to an inflatable latex hood/gag combination – passing through countless other variations on the way.

So why are we self-bondage fans so keen on gagging and hooding ourselves? 🤔

What materials/techniques do we enjoy most? 💓

Are we taking too many risks?

I can offer some comments and ideas based upon my personal view and experiences, but what are your thoughts?

Why do it?

For me this is another element of the bondage – I’ve rendered arms, legs, hands and even my body immobile, so why not my head and mouth? If I deny myself the ability to speak or see, then I feel that I’ve stepped my bondage up to another level. In all honesty I can’t recall the last session when I wasn’t either hooded or gagged (or both!) in some manner or another.

Let me try to break this down a little:

Gag – for me there is something very erotic about a gag. It’s a combination of the feeling of it in my mouth and the restriction it brings to my speech and, in no small way, my breathing. Ah-ha! Restricting your breathing is a risk, isn’t it? I’ll deal with that particular issue later.

Hood – this can be simply a device to stop me seeing (the keys, knife or escape route) and prolonging my self-bondage, but it can also be a sensory deprivation that enhances a session. No sight (or sound if the hood is thick or your wear ear plugs) means your other senses are heightened and you are not visually distracted. I find that some of my best self-bondage experiences have been when my eyesight is restricted or removed – I can easily drift into a ‘zone’ where my mind is more able to fantasise and the feeling of helplessness (which is what self-bondage is all about – isn’t it?) is magnified many times over.

Materials and Techniques:

So much of this is down to personal preference and also cost – personally I would love to have a box full of different gags and hoods, but I can’t afford or justify the expense so I choose a small selection and experiment with techniques to see what ‘lights my fire’!

Gags – here is a list of the gags I own or create:

Ring gag – internet brought, small metal ring (approx 45mm diameter) and faux leather strap. The ring is slightly too small for my preference and I’d ideally like the metal ring to me leather or latex wrapped (which I could do myself). It is still very sexy to wear and does not restrict breathing in any way, whilst preventing coherent speech (though I’m not sure who I’d be talking to!). It is comfortable to wear for short to medium periods (I have never worn it over an hour) and the only downside is that it can be manipulated in your mouth a little too easily for my liking. For the really adventurous, a mouth that is forcefully kept open offers all sorts of possibilities….

Head-harness ball gag – another internet purchase, the ball is a hard plastic ‘dribble’ type (lots of holes rather than a solid ball) with faux leather straps from both sides and up over your head. Sadly it did not come with a chin strap and I had to make my own (without the chin strap it was surprisingly easy to eject from my mouth!). It can be a struggle to put on, especially when you are wearing nylon ‘mittens’ or anything that hampers your fingers and the straps across the top of your head also cover parts of your eyes (I can live with that).

Soft dog ball – purchased from a pet shop, this is a tough but soft ball about 50mm in diameter. The material is like a super dense foam, which can be compressed (chewed!) and absorbs some moisture (ok - drool!). I really love this as a gag, it is so versatile - I have brought two (they are also cheap at about £1 each!), one has been modified to take a pipe or bar through its centre and the other is ‘standard’. I use the modified ball with a pipe for my vacuum self-bondage sessions (the pipe is my breathing tube – yes, I know, see risks!), whilst using a wooden bar converts it to a ‘bit gag’. The standard ball is great for slipping inside a knee-high/stocking/pantyhose leg and using as a traditional style ball-gag. For me the 50mm size is just about perfect, it fills my mouth nicely (without feeling ‘stuffed’), allows some movement to avoid aches/pains but is almost impossible to eject if secured properly and utterly defeats any attempt to speak. I can and have worn this gag for over 2 hours and though my jaws did ache a little the following day it wasn’t too bad.

Tape gag – I’ve never had much luck with a tape gag on its own but use tape with cling-film/saran wrap to good effect (see Hoods)

Pantyhose gag – always a good and quick method, I like to bundle a pair (or more, if I’m feeling adventurous) into a nylon wad and, as with the soft dog ball, insert them into another pair of pantyhose or similar to make a nice, mouth-filling, gag. I’ve never used Ra’s method, even though I keep meaning to – maybe one day… With this gag it is the feel and taste of nylon on my tongue and in my mouth that excites me, not just the gagging alone. I have tried many different materials as a wadding for this type of gag – some are better/sexier than others (I’m sure you can use your imagination with regard to items of soft material that could be slid inside a stocking and used to gag yourself with).

Gags I would like to try:

Inflatable gags always fascinate me, both the ‘butterfly’ type and the ball/plug style. I imagine them to be more effective mouth fillers and demanding to wear, so approach them with some trepidation (call it fear if you prefer), but they still draw me towards their mystery and promise.

Penis gags also hold an attraction, which is odd because I don’t especially want a man’s penis in my mouth… hmm! I guess I’m interested in this style simply due to the ‘filling’ of my mouth, rather than the fact it is a latex/rubber penis as such. Could I wear one? I don’t know, I keep meaning to try Ra’s condom/pantyhose gag/hood as a trial run – maybe I will do that next time I have the opportunity.

Piss gags or gags will a tube through them, are another area to explore. Ra writes so evocatively about wearing one with the tube connected to a penis sheath, the idea is so compelling and erotic that I want to try it (but I do not want to drink piss!). I often fantasise about a self-bondage predicament where, should I actually cum, then cum will be free to flow into my mouth and I would be unable to stop it (see SB03/2009 and SB04/2009). I also like the idea of rigging such a gag up to a ‘punishment’ liquid that you would be forced to consume to get free (or get free before the ice melts). My only concern is that the liquid (even plain old water) would cause me to choke or cough – do people have any advice or experiences with this?

Hoods – a list of hoods or materials I use to cover my head

Lace-up faux leather hood – yet another internet purchase, made with a row of eyelets at the back that can be laced up to fit and a ‘tailored’ nose piece (to fit your nose into… duh!). When I brought this I wasn’t at all sure I’d be able to wear something like it a self-bondage session, so I went for a cheaper product just in case it didn’t work for me. The fit isn’t as snug as I’d have liked, even with the lacing as tight as it can go (and I’ve got a big head!) and the finish isn’t good quality either. But, having said that, it is a very sexy thing to wear – especially over a nylon hood and/or gag. The fit is good enough to prevent you removing it as you struggle, it takes away your sight and it will hold even the loosest gag in place (bonus!). The eyelets have aeady come loose from the faux leather and I would like a better ‘nose piece’ for easier breathing. When finances and circumstances allow (hopefully avoiding having to explain what was in the package to loved ones!) I will be looking for a more expensive and hopefully better fitting replacement in real leather.

Latex hood – I used to own a full latex hood in black with two nose holes. It was outstanding to wear and produced some of the most intense experiences I can remember having, but… It was a nightmare to put on, always slipping through nylon clad fingers or getting snagged up on clothing and hair, nearly impossible to align with your nose and ultimately too fragile for sustained use (I ripped it apart by accident in a session 6 months after buying it – expensive mistake!). It was also a very scary item to wear when helplessly bound – you where very aware of the two tiny holes to breath through and how easy it might be for them to close up on you. For this last reason I haven’t rushed to replace it – even though I confess to being turned on just writing about my experiences with it. Wearing for long periods was OK, but very sweaty, and it did a great job of keeping a gag in place (had to be a simple ball or wad of nylon)

Lycra Zentai hood – ok, mine is an integral part of a full suit, but it is totally amazing to wear anyway. It fits like a glove, restricts vision and feels great – you can wear a gag over it (recommended – my favourite is my head harness) and enjoy the way the lycra is forced into your mouth. It is so comfortable to wear and I’ve never experienced any problems with duration.

Cling-film/saran wrap – the stretchy plastic material you use to wrap food in or to cover bowls for use in the micro-wave oven. Though not exactly fitting into Ra’s website, I feel this method is worthy of mention. You can very quickly and easily wrap your head in stretchy plastic, totally covering everything – but you must, MUST, remember to quickly open up some air holes to your nose or mouth (I use an old pen to pierce the plastic and open a route to each nostril) – this is another method that will be mentioned again in ‘Risks’. I like to use this technique in combination with some other gag (pantyhose or a soft ball are great) and some tape. Insert your wad of nylon pantyhose, quickly wrap your head in as many layers as you wish, keeping the wrap as tight as you can –and remembering to open up the airways for your breathing! Once you have covered your head you can then add more wraps of tape (any type – it’s up to your personal preference) around your mouth and also, for total effectiveness, under your chin and over the top of your head – this combines to force the gag in and clamp your mouth around it. As combined gagging and hooding go this must be the most effective method I’ve ever come across. If you have added ear-plugs the experience can be very rewarding indeed – you can only hear your own blood pumping. If you prefer a nylon encased finish it’s easy enough to pull a stocking over the plastic and who’d know!

Nylon hood – the best and cheapest of them all, this is so easy to do. A stocking is the traditional method, but I have recently found that some knee-highs (pop-socks) can be even better and provide a much more attractive finish and look. You can use pantyhose/tights as well – I like to set them with one leg inside the other and then pull both layers over my head. Whichever option you pick the result is fabulous, with a smooth nylon hood (in the colour of your choice) covering your entire head. Gags can be worn over or under this hood, I do both! My first layer (or two) goes on, followed by a gag, then another layer of nylon (or more) to finish it all off).
Mmm… the feel and taste of nylon in my mouth, stretched tight around a filling gag, my whole head encased in the wonderful material… Ah… Mmm…. oh…OH… sorry, I was drifting away there!Blush

Some people (Ra included) suggest that you can add a tape gag over a nylon hood and this does have its merits, but the tape will probably ruin the precious object you have used for your final layer, so it’s best to finish off with something old and laddered if you intend to do this. I personally haven’t tried this method, so can not say if it’s good or not – but I do intend to give it a go and will report back on my findings.

Hoods I would like to try:

I keep looking at the ‘studio masks’ and lace-up latex hoods on eBay and wondering if I should try again – does anyone have experience with these or suggestions for alternatives?

I like the look of the transparent latex hoods and those with eye/mouth holes, but I’m not sure they will bring me the intensity of a full face, solid colour, hood.

I am also fascinated by the hoods with built-in gags (solid or inflatable) – are they any good?

A simple lycra hood that fitted nice and tight would be a sensible purchase and one I should really sort out soon.

I’ve seen several leather hoods that promise so much, with locking straps and apparently great fit. But are they really that good and worth all the money? Could I ever really use one in a self-bondage session or are they too intense and restricting?

Tape is a material I haven’t really explored enough, I use either parcel tape or duct tape. I often consider using tape to completely cover my head after I have pulled on a stocking or knee-high (or after cling-film). Again, there is some great imagery on the web showing people in this predicament, but I do have a few concerns over safety and use in self-bondage.

Vet-wrap (or elastic bandages) appears to over a softer alternative to tape and would seem to be more ‘breathable’. Next time I’m alone in an equestrian store or spot a special offer on bandages at the chemist I think I shall buy 10m or so to give it a go. OK, so it’s not lycra, nylon or latex, but it is stretchy and can be used for bondage so it must be good… shouldn’t it?

Risks – life is full of risks, lets be sensible out there… OK?

Any time you cover your head or your mouth whilst bound you are taking a risk, indeed even being bound is a risk – so let’s consider this is perspective; what am I going to do that is more risky than before and should I even consider it?
If you start to choke or cough when you are gagged or you can’t breathe easily then you are in trouble - simple as that. I know, I’ve been there and got the T-shirt. It was scary, but I survived and I learnt.
The (my) basic rules are very simple:

– Don’t even think about trying this if you have a cold, hay-fever or any condition that will cause you to frequently cough or sneeze (which can be really unpleasant – trust me!)

- You must always ensure you can breathe freely (sounds obvious I know) even when you’re thrashing about in your bondage. I had a scary moment many years ago, when I’d wrapped my head in cling-film and had opened up two holes to allow me to breathe through my nose. All was going well until I rolled onto my front and rubbed my head on the bed-sheets. Somehow I managed to loosen the end of the wrapping, which promptly flapped over my two breathing holes! Scary!! If I tried to breathe in, the plastic sealed the holes, breathing out would momentarily clear them, but as soon as I tried to breathe in it sealed over again. I thought my hands where securely tied behind my back, but as I struggled I managed to free them and pull the plastic clear and breathe freely once more (I had bruises on both wrists for some time afterwards – hard to hide, but better than the alternative!).

- if you are planning a serious session and want to be hooded and/or gagged, then choose a material or method that is easier to breathe through or incorporates a fixed open airway. We can see that Ra uses latex hoods with built in breathe-through gags or his latex hood with mouth openings. These are usually fine if used with thought and care. After my scare I now like to use the nylon hood and a gag I can breathe through/around – but even these must be treated with caution. Multiple layers of nylon (very sexy and something I love) can seriously restrict breathing when wet or damp. Why is that? Well, the fine weave of nylon (or any similar fabric) can become clogged by water droplets/molecules and many layers exaggerate the effect. If you don’t believe me the look around the internet at the more extreme sites where a wet fabric hood is often used in breath-play scenarios (If breath play is your thing, fine, just don’t play solo it’s too risky). Don’t believe me? It’s an easy experiment to try out for yourself – make up a gag out of a simple nylon wad (see above) and fix it in your mouth. At first you can easily breathe through it, but as it becomes dampened by your saliva it will take more effort to do so – try it next time you’re surfing the internet for a few hours. Weird, but true!
- If you really want a restrictive hood and/or gag why not ease back on the bondage? As both Ra and I have described there are many ways to bind yourself, but still be able to quickly escape, if needed. You can enjoy the sensations of bondage and a serious hood/gag but be able to swiftly free yourself if anything happens. Remember, you can play like this many times – but you can only get it wrong once. ❗

This approach is one I always use when trying out new gags or hoods – last week I decided to ‘enhance’ my pantyhose encasement bondage (see MJ-SB04 2008) with the addition of my faux leather hood and more layers over my head. The basic set up was as described before, but instead of my head-harness gag, I opted for the soft ball gag and the hood. Firstly I pulled a knee-high over my head; this was followed by the ball inside the legs of some old tights and tied in my mouth, then a second knee-high to hold everything in place. Over this went the legs of two pairs of the XXL pantyhose and finally over all of that (4 layers of nylon plus gag) went the faux leather hood. It felt great – no sight, arms slipped inside the two remaining legs of the pantyhose behind my back, gagged and loving it. But, after 10 minutes or so my head began to feel very hot and uncomfortable in all those layers and my breathing was becoming more laboured. I guess that my sweat and saliva was beginning to clog up the holes in the nylon fabric and that the hood had slipped (due to being over the nylon) moving the nose holes away from their proper place – but it was a relatively simple thing to escape and remove the hood. Had I been bound and waiting for an hour or longer for ice to melt it could have turned a very exciting experience into a highly unpleasant one!

- Restricted breathing was something I mentioned earlier when talking about gags. In my own mind there is a clear distinction between breathing through a gag or pipe and true breath-play. In my scenario breathing is always possible, but may require a (small) degree more effort and is constrained in some manner – thus becoming an extension to the more traditional bondage feelings I enjoy.
Breath-play is being unable to breathe at all until some other person ‘allows’ it or having your breathing so restricted that all your efforts are focused on it and nothing else. I have read many fictional stories of self-bondage breath-play, but unless you have a partner always in close attendance, to try these for real in a solo session would be like playing Russian roulette with your life – just don’t do it!

There! I’ve gone on long enough and I’m sure some of you will have your own comments or thoughts about what I’ve written down.
Everything here is my personal view and shouldn’t control your life – but maybe, in a small way, it can help make it better, more fun and longer!

Play safe and have fun

As always, that needs careful reading.
I do like the idea of gags and I got a cheap one from the internet as well as a hood with an inflatable gag. The cheap one is very small and when I bind so tightly that I can't get it out, it is too far in the mouth. Otherwise, it is in the right position - behind the teeth, but sealing off the lips, but I can get rid of it easily. The hood is more effective and it feels nice to chew and suck on the gag, if it isn't inflated too much. I can actually inflated it enough to seal off the back of my mouth and cut off breathing completely, something I don't like at all. Unfortunately the hood has a leather front and is a bit too small for a men's face.

Anyway, I won't use gags in self-bondage, because I am not sure what would happen if I got sick and the vomit couldn't exit. I use them while preparing a session or to "punish" myself (never got a clue for what 😊 ). I am not living alone anymore, but I used to iron my shirts in drag and gagged for example or I tried to watch full TV-show like that without giving in to the urge of wanking. After that I eventually slept very little, no matter how early I had to get up. So that is where I see the use of gags, in getting hot.

As for hoods, I don't like to be blindfolded during self-bondage but I like the encased feeling on the head along the cheeks, over the ears etc. So I like hoods with open face and also hooded jackets (pvc, raincoats and the harder but thinner outside material of down-clothes). As a matter of fact, I put that on for wanking sometimes. Recently, my self-bondage sessions don't necessarily end with coming but quite soon after I am free and in my bed, I want to do it to myself. I think, hooded raincoats were my very first fetish. No idea what exactly it does to me, but it feels very safe and comfortable, to wear a tight hood. I also like to wear hooded jackets reversed, so the hood covers my face. It makes breathing a bit harder and sometimes I have to clear a path for the air. Definitely not suitable for self-bondage and I think I wouldn't like it in partner bondage either. A reversed air-tight hood or any other breathing restriction during any bondage is definitely a quick path to death and this is enough to break the excitement for me.

I still consider buying one of these medical mouth-openers. They seem safe to me because you can breathe freely and even get sick without any problems. Though I am not sure if a cheap model would be satisfying and my budget is constantly low.

Well, conclusion: I like gags and hoods for excitement, but not during self-bondage. Being blindfolded in partner bondage could be cool, I can't tell. In self-bondage, where I often like to take a few risks, I prefer to have my senses available. These risks are about getting free, no health risks involved - except for rope burns etc.

As for the excitement, that gags provide, I am pretty sure it has to do with the experience of sucking the breasts of our mothers. As a baby, I also had one of these thingies to chew on instead of chewing on my thumb. If I remember well, some gags feel alike, except that I could spit it out if I wanted.

As for hoods, I heard wild stories about birth experiences, getting into the "wilderness" outside of your mother etc. Actually, fear can be very stimulating and perhaps hoods give us the nicer memories of our birth. Perhaps hood fetishists came about with an erection 😁
(18 Jan 2010, 23:43 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]So I like hoods with open face and also hooded jackets (pvc, raincoats and the harder but thinner outside material of down-clothes).
Aha, that would explain this comment 😉

(18 Jan 2010, 23:43 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]I still consider buying one of these medical mouth-openers. They seem safe to me because you can breathe freely and even get sick without any problems. Though I am not sure if a cheap model would be satisfying and my budget is constantly low.
You mean something like that? Why not to try a ring gag? Or a tube gag?

(18 Jan 2010, 23:43 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]As for the excitement, that gags provide, I am pretty sure it has to do with the experience of sucking the breasts of our mothers.
Yeah, that what I would think as well.
I'm very much into both gags and rubber hoods and have a few of both in my collection of "secret" stuff (which my wife has no idea about).

My favourite gag is the inflatable sheath gag with buckled strap, which once in situ is impossible to expel unless the strap is released and this is worn with an open-faced rubber hood (black) and a transparent hood with just eye/nose/mouth holes over the top. Double hood and pump up gag is seriously horny and inflation of the gag can be adjusted to suit mood.

I also have a delicious rubber hood with attached pump up sheath gag but the hood only has nasal holes. Again, I wear an open face hood first (sometimes even a latex swimming cap too) and then slip the gagged hood on next.

This is a serious piece of bondage wear for me as the excitement of being wholly enveloped in tight fitting rubber with a deep and probing rubber gag is incredible and I always find it difficult to control my breathing. The hood inflates on exhaling but rapidly shrinks, vacuum-like, on inhaling and it is with huge effort that one has to calm down.

Once done though it is the most rewarding sensation there is, feeling the dark and warm rubber expand and contract in time to your breath, which is only through your nose- the severe gag is fully lodged inside your mouth and prevents speech and tongue movement. Super sexy.

The biggest difficulty is not in breathing though, that doesn't take long to adjust to. For me, once hooded and gagged like this, it's keeping my rubber gloved hands at bay. Invariably I am underneath my pinny and un-popping my plastic panties to get at my very excited cock, which once in play takes very little persuasion in reaching climax.

As soon as orgasm is achieved, I have to take the hood/gag off as all the excitement has gone and I just want to breathe fresh air freely again. Mind you, recovery time is never too long away as I always change from my soiled uniform into a fresh one and as soon as I tie on the first of my aprons, I am almost ready to go.

I then reach for the hood again...
There are some things I can't have enough: pantyhose, swimsuits, plugs, gags and hoods 😉

I prefer soft mouth filling gags. Not too long if I'm going to sleep. The best gags (and hoods with gags) I had so far are:

o- DIY pantyhose gag ( )
o- stuffed leather gag ( )
o- hood with buit-in piss gag ( )
o- inflatable hood with a built-in inflatable breath-through gag ( )
Any inflatable gag is a turn on and when coupled with a rubber hood(s) I find it very difficult to keep my hands away. I'd love to share this passion with my wife but for the moment, I think my apron/nurse/uniform thing is plenty enough.
I think I prefer blindfolds over gags, but both are a huge turn-on. Of course, a hood brings even more intensity to it.

Why are they so hot?

I think it just lets your imagination run wild. Having a spandex hood on makes me imagine being someone's playthinig, they have no interest in who I am, only with my captive body. A leather hood is more confining, more of a way to make someone helpless. It's thick, intimidating, probably holding a big leather gag in the mouth, and preventing any sight.

Rubber hoods are an entirely different feeling. I've only worn them when tied up by someone else, and oh wow, the feeling! I have worn one that was very loose-fitting around the head, but quite snug at the neck. It was thick black rubber and the only opening was a tube a little less than an inch thick, very easy to breathe trhough, as long as I held it in my mouth (and the dominant wasn't pinching the outside of it closed!!) The torment was delicious: If I held the rubber tube in my mouth, I could breathe perfectly. But if I pushed it away to talk, it very quickly got stuffy!

One interesting hood I have is made of ripstop nylon - the very shiny kind that ski jackets used to be made of. It's got two layers, and the middle is filled with padding. It has no openings, and zips closed at the back, not tight around neck but not loose either. It's VERY confining, and the harder you try to breathe, the more restrictive it becomes. I don't use this one for solo play.
(06 Dec 2010, 04:51 )naughtyM Wrote: [ -> ]If I am also in your place, I would also choose that medical mouth openers. They help the one who wears it breath freely. I wonder if eBay has that one.

Of course 😁

Search eBay UK: Jennings Dental Mouth Gag

..and that was just a very quick and simple search, probably many more out there.

Love all kind of gags, specially huge penis gags. There is nothing more sexy than being bound while dressed in girl clothes and added to that being so strictly gagged with XXXL plastic or hard vinyl penis stuck deep into your mouth. So humillating and so much effective silencing against any protest, shout, begging speech or just the sounds of your incredible and increasing excitation! If you are forced to swallow such a thing, you aeady know that there would be no way mercy from your evil captors. And if they see you dressed in leotard, thong, pantyhose and high heels: how you can convince them that you DON'T like to have such an enormous dick right down your throat, uh?????
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