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So, something I did the other day...

I put on a long sleeved turtle neck lycra leotard, then black shiny pantyhose, then a one-piece female swimsuit. I then put my normal clothes over the top and went out.

I found a quiet and quite short route that leads between two relatively busy areas. I found a quietish spot and after much getting up courage, i took off the top i had hiding the leotard and swimsuit and stuffed it into my bag and buried it under some other stuff so it wasn't easy to quickly get it out again. I closed the backpack, put it over one shoulder and walked along the pathway.

It was really refreshing but absolutely terrifying at the same time...

My plan was to get to the other end of the path I'd planned out and dig out the top again and cover up. I was seen by a couple of people, one of which gave me a very long look with a frown. Anyway, I got to the other end and was still sort of scared but excited(not aroused) and I decided to stay dressed as i was and walk back the other way again. This time i was seen by a few more people and i had to overtake a slow moving person who obviously then got a good look at the criss-cross of leotard with swimsuit straps across my back.

After covering up at the other end. I went and found somewhere with a good number of floors, but not too busy. I took the lift to the top floor and pressed for the first floor again. I quickly took off the top again.

It was terrifying looking at the numbers count down. Every number it could suddenly stop at because someone called it and then they'd get in the lift with me very obviously male and very obviously wearing a leotard and female swimsuit.

Once when it stopped a guy went "er, i think i'm walking actually. ...just one floor!" and disappeared. He said it quickly so maybe he meant it, or maybe he saw me and thought "what the...!?"

The other time it stopped a woman got in and i asked which floor she wanted. I pressed the button she asked for and she said thank you in a perfectly normal way. she seemed to not notice, but maybe she just didn't care...

Anyway, what a heart pounding day out that was!

I've hardly ever been out and seen in lycra and swimsuits etc. Only really covered and maybe seen the straps or neckline or something. I did once swim in a female swimsuit but it was really brief and in an almost deserted pool.

I am planning to swim again, maybe in the same leotard, some lycra leggings with a female swimsuit (or two!) over the top. This time somewhere more crowded... Oh the fear!!

(actually i called a couple of pools to ask if was ok for a guy to swim in female swimwear, just to see what they'd say, not coz I actually care. Once place said 'no' and didn't say anything else at all. The other place the woman said i'll have to ask my manager. i said ok and when she came back on the line she said 'he says please yourself!" and she said it in a quite lightly amused and friendly way!)

Anyway, long post, hope its interesting to some people!!

(01 Jul 2009, 21:47 )SwimBond Wrote: [ -> ]I put on a long sleeved turtle neck lycra leotard, then black shiny pantyhose, then a one-piece female swimsuit.
I wish you had a photo... I can imagine lots of things but they might be far from what you were actually wearing.

(01 Jul 2009, 21:47 )SwimBond Wrote: [ -> ]Anyway, what a heart pounding day out that was!
You bet!
(01 Jul 2009, 21:47 )SwimBond Wrote: [ -> ]I've hardly ever been out and seen in lycra and swimsuits etc. Only really covered and maybe seen the straps or neckline or something. I did once swim in a female swimsuit but it was really brief and in an almost deserted pool.
Actually, it's all just a matter of practice. I remember how terrifying it was to step out of the doorway in practically invisible pantyhose and shorts. And now I wear shiny pantyhose with capri or 3/4 leggings everyday (and simply forget that I'm wearing them) or swim in pantyhose and latex briefs and do not care about the crowd.

There is another thing, though. Clothes, considered normal and appropriate and clothes considered abnormal or inappropriate.


o- capri or breeches during warm days - normal, appropriate.
o- capri or breeches with pantyhose/stockings - normal, appropriate.
o- capri or breeches to the office worn by client-facing managers - inappropriate, but the clothes look normal
o- tights/leggings for jogging, cycling, fitness - normal, appropriate
o- leotard + pantyhose for aerobics, fitness - normal, appropriate
o- leotard + pantyhose for normal shopping - rather inappropriate
o- swimsuit + leotard - abnormal
o- briefs/swimsuit to the swimming pool - normal, appropriate
o- briefs/swimsuit to the office - abnormal, inappropriate
o- latex briefs/swimsuit to the swimming pool - normal, appropriate (nobody cares about the material)
o- business suit to the office - normal, appropriate
o- business suit to the swimming pool - abnormal, inappropriate
o- etc.

You see? I do not mention whether the clothes are worn by a man or a woman. There are some combination that would caught attention regardless the person "inside". Most sportsmen are nuts, so nobody cares what they are wearing.

If I jog/train in the park nearby I usually wear a short t-shirt, pantyhose (sometimes even with small "ladders"), short tight leggings (5cm below the knees) and ankle/wrist weights.

A couple of times I wore a latex surfsuit or very short and tight shorts with shiny pantyhose with roller blades.

But I would never wear lycra/latex stuff to the dojo (martial arts training).

My point is wearing specific clothes in specific places may be as appropriate as going naked to a business lunch. Of course, in some extremely rare cases being in your birthday suit with your (potential) business partner might help your company.

That was about people's reaction.

BUT! If you have drive, guts, energy, internal and external harmony you may wear whatever you want (see this post as an example).

Would I do that? Hmmm... I have, aeady. Like going back home in the night in this latex catsuit and these high heels. Yes, I was seen by other people. No, I did not care, because I was SOOO angry because my bicycle was stolen.

(01 Jul 2009, 21:47 )SwimBond Wrote: [ -> ](actually i called a couple of pools to ask if was ok for a guy to swim in female swimwear,
It depends on how you say that. "Female swimwear" or "one-piece swimsuit". See the difference? You might get different reaction too.

(01 Jul 2009, 21:47 )SwimBond Wrote: [ -> ]hope its interesting to some people!!
It is!
Great topic - exposing the hypocrisy of a modern world where women can wear trousers, shirts and ties, but men MUST NEVER wear anything that resembles a skirt or looks feminine in any way (remember the 'sensational' press coverage when David Beckham wore a sarong!)

I have worn pantyhose and lycra, but normally in stealth mode under my 'normal' male attire – I don’t think wearing lycra leggings or shorts when out on my bike or running counts 

Would I wear pantyhose openly? No – I’m too shy and it’s just not worth the trouble it would probably cause.

But isn’t it odd – hundreds of years ago hose (where the term pantyhose comes from) was the wear of choice for men. OK it might not have been in the fabulous materials we have today, but the basic shape was the same.

Now, before anyone comments, I’m not talking about the classic Robin Hood (Men in Tights!) stuff here – the medieval hose where woollen and probably baggy (yuk!) – This link shows hose that have started to become more like trousers

Another interesting historical thought is that men also wore dresses or skirts! The Roman Toga is closer to a dress than anything else. The Scottish kilt remains to this day (the true Scottish clansman wore something that was half kilt half toga). Ancient history tells us most men wore short-skirt like clothes (Romans. Greeks, etc)

So, in our modern Western world, we (includes me) just don’t appear comfortable with the fashions or our ancestors.


Ps. Ra - bummer about the bike, I hope swift justice finds the thief!
Here's a recent adventure I took:

I wore:
-Long sleeved, zip-back, turtle-neck leotard
-Small size onepiece female swimsuit
-small size bright pink lycra leggings
-Blue pantyhose
-Another small size onepiece swimsuit

The blue pantyhose makes the pink far less noticeable, but it is still clear that there is a pink layer beneath the blue hose.

Anyway, I put all of these on and covered with normal closes. I took my backpack and left the house. I went to a building at the college I go to- a quiet building compared to others, but still full of people. It's quite maze-like with lots small corridors and several stairs. A building for a different subject and that people I know are very unlikely to be in.
I went to the top floor (of 5) and left a small key behind one of the toilets. On the lowest floor there is a shower room and I made my way to there. Now I took off the normal clothes and placed them in the backpack.
Deep breath! And then I locked the backpack closed, with the only key 5 floors away behind a toilet! I then left the bag in the shower room (it could be hidden out of sight on top of the shower cubicle).

Instead of running straight to the key. I set myself routes to take through the building,looping back to the shower room (as a sort of rest zone I guess...) While walking on one of these routes, if I lost my nerve or anything, it was not a matter of hiding and getting changesd again- I would have to get the key from the top floor and my clothes from the bottom floor.

After closing the lock on the backpack, my heart was beating pretty fast! A combination of excitement and extreme nervous.
With a route up one stairs and down another in my head, i stood at the shower room door trying to convince myself to open it. At least in a coridor you can peer around the next corner or hear someone coming... opening the door, I had no idea if the corridor outside was empty, or full of people passing by...

WEll, no-one was outside the door when I walked out but I was seen a few times quite clearly by people. At one point I turned into a corridor that had a group of about 10 people together walking in my direction. I thought I couldn't face walking through a group like that so I turned back and went the other way, to hear people coming in the door at the other end. So I had to walk past a group of people anyway...

After maybe 45mins I'd been briefly seen by a few people. I decided, somehow, that I should get in the lift and go from bottom floor, to top, to bottom again. This meant that if anyone else happened to get in the lift, I would be forced to stand with them for a prolonged time, unlike in the corridor, where there is only a brief look. It also meant that as the lift moved up, the changing floor number was a really scary thing! As it changed from say '2' to '3' there was the mystery of whether it would stop at that floor. If the lift started to slow at say '3' then it meant that I was unavoidably about to be joined in the lift by another person... and the slowing to a stop was like a countdown to the unavoidable...

One girl got in on the way up, said nothing and got out before my floor. On the way down another girl came in the lift. She smiled when she entered but said nothing. A bit before the lift reached the bottom floor, she asked "I'm just curious... why do you dress like that? Do you do sport?"
Wow, a pre-prepared get-out clause. She gave me an excuse. ...but for some reason I said that I lost a bet and my friend would return later with my clothes... Brilliantly, she was a foreign student and didn't understand the word 'bet', so after we got out the lift we stood in the corridor while I tried to explain what it meant... She was quite amused, she said something about me looking colourful and said to enjoy myself...! I could imagine far different reactions! It actually relaxed me slightly to talk to someone... Wierd...

So anyway I'd been in the building for two hours and felt that I'd had enough fun (and nerves) for one day. I went up tot he top floor and retrieved the key and went to the showerroom. When I got to the shower room, it was locked... I could here that someone had just got into the shower... I'd always know it was a possibility, and kinda hoped it would happen- sort of adding to the lack of control over wearing the swimsuits etc. and over being seen...

Well, after an extra 20minutes, I finally got changed again and went home... Exhausted sigh! Wow. Fun, but also so nerve-racking...

I've thought about doing the same but having someone keep my bag until a specific time. That way I have really no choice but to keep walking around dressed like that. I could agree a scarily long time and with no pockets to keep a mobile phone in, I'd really just be forced to wait until my bag was returned. The only problem being that I need someone to take the bag... I have no friends that know, and getting a stranger to do it (by saying you're doing it to fundraise or something...) runs the risk of them not returning...


Anyway, thoughts on all of the above always appreciated!
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Yes, very good excuse. "I lost a bet". Always works. Even if you dress like that every day, you can always say that the bet was for one week, one month, one year.

Next question would be about the bet. It should be something significant. Failed exam? 😉
A question LikeRa: If the dojo concerned contained other fighters who were happy to train in Lycra one-piece etc, would you train in that as well? I think Lycra is great for martial arts, but there can be instances when it is too revealing. But remember that Savate boxers train often in a Lycra, etc one-piece. (they used to train more - but nervous guys from other countries try to make fun of them for doing so - I think we know who the real men are).
An interesting jogging outfit from Nigella Rolfe.


It reminds me a bit of Steve P's 'Kodachi Kuna' crossplay that I've posted before.

Love to have an outfit like that.
I wear Lycra in public all the time...
But no one questions a cyclist clothing choices. 😊
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