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Full Version: New feature - fetish & bondage RSS aggregator
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We don't want 😁

But what I want for myself (I hope, I'm not the only one...) is a hard linking, maybe like a category like "Chat". Because now its even four posts from the top, until the really blog entries come. So to see something new, one always has to scroll down.
For sure, if you have another option, just tell me and I'll be fine with it.
Yes, yes, yes, I know. I will try to do that tonight. It will be called "Streams" and will be located between "Forum" and "Guestbook" (left menu).
Nice! Thanks!
(11 Jan 2014, 11:18 )B1u3 Wrote: [ -> ]Hm, I encountered sometimes only a Preview, and when I clicked on it there was something like "You need to be registered bla". This is annoying...
If you have a DeviantArt account, but the auto-login still does not work, here's the solution:

You need to allow 3d party cookies. Or add to the allowed sites.
I don't have an account, but nevertheless thank you!
I found out what breaks the plugin, but I can't log a bug because I can't register on for some reason. The site does not send the activation mail.

More frustration...
I'm going to experiment with a new beta version of the RSS plugin. Expect broken streams.
I'm "reverse engineering" and tweaking the RSS Plugin. For some reason it chokes on symbols like "?" or "?" (if they happen to be in the comments). I beginning to believe that it's the WordPress built-in function fetch_feed is to blame and not the plugin.

Oh-ho, what crap I'm spending my time on...
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