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Full Version: New feature - fetish & bondage RSS aggregator
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Usually I do not have time to check all RSS streams I'm subscribed to. So I added an RSS aggregator to the blog with dozens of streams and hundreds of photos. This is the first working version:

Fetish & Bondage photo stream

Let me know what you think or what photo streams to add.
The pagination is still broken - I tried to fix it yesterday, but it did not work. Will look at it tomorrow.
The current refresh period is 1 hour. I will probably need to increase it to reduce the load.
(24 Dec 2013, 01:52 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]The pagination is still broken
Fixed 😉
Looks interesting...
I have added only Tumblr, DeviantArt and Flickr streams. Pinterest does not support RSS 😟

Current result is 780 posts and counting.
1400 posts 😉
Neither Instagram nor Imagefap supports RSS. Deviantart does not work with the Lightbox (even if you are logged in), so you have to show images in a separate window.
1540 posts.

Any comments/ideas?
A lot of good pics, keep them coming.
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