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Full Version: New feature - fetish & bondage RSS aggregator
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(11 Jan 2014, 11:18 )B1u3 Wrote: [ -> ]Hm, I encountered sometimes only a Preview, and when I clicked on it there was something like "You need to be registered bla". This is annoying...
Yes, I know, but it can't be fixed.

For example, DeviantArt requires a login account and 18+ in the profile. Flickr is not compatible with LightBox.
Added a dedicated DeviantArt stream. Registration is required.
I see duplicates again. Not sure if this issue can be solved. According to the support forum, it's related to how the site "supplies" the RSS.
Better stuff now, thank you very much!
Added a separate post for Piinterest and Flickr streams.

Please send me the channels you find interesting!
I have no idea why the Tumblr stream stopped working again. Nothing was changed. It shows the posts only once after I save the plugin config or remove transients from the database.

What a frustration...
Made some database analysis. The feeds are cached correctly, but apparently the problem is with the timeout transient. When I remove it from the database, the feeds are shown. But immediately a new timeout transient is created and the content is not shown anymore, despite it's still cached. Other feeds are not affected.

Dodgy 😕 🤔
OK, I know why the feeds disappear - they DB entry is only partial. A huge chunk is missing. If we assume, that it takes too long to get the feeds, then the CGI timeout needs to be increased.
I removed one feed that caused the incomplete entry and it works now. Let's watch it for some time.
Soooo.... Some results... Almost 4,000 linked posts from 170+ sites. 50,000 views in a months only for one stream. 60,000 for 3 streams (the other two are less than two weeks old). Not bad. Especially taking into account that the Tumblr stream was down for several days. I take it as a sign to continue. I have one more stream-post in the work.

The downside is the additional maintenance. Some Tumblr RSS_streams sometimes get broken, what breaks the whole stream (no posts shown). That requires finding the cached stream in the data base, discovering the site that provides incomplete stream and removing the site from the configuration for the time being. Then readding it again. Or just wait until it repairs in itself, but it can take days, what we do not want, do we?
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