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Full Version: New feature - fetish & bondage RSS aggregator
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Holy cow.... I think I've just fixed that.... Symbols in the feed titles were breaking caching! So I had to add character filtering to both titles and content to make it work properly...

I'm soooo proud of myself 😉
Installed the latest version (the plugin was half-rewritten). It's supposed to be faster and should work with hundreds of feeds. However, it's much slower with very cache-inefficient engine. I wonder if it caches anything at all... Also, the images are not linked to the actual URL's anymore.

I'm going to let it work a bit, then will probably go back to the previous version.
Yep, will have to downgrade to make it sane.The concept of the new plugin is faulty from what I understand.
Downgraded to the previous trunk, but to the higher version than before. The image links and caching are back. It turned out that the latest version does not support caching, hence it took 16-20 seconds to load a page. It's back to 2 seconds now. Still too long, though...
I miss your blog posts tbh
So do I .... 😁

Because of absence of time I completely switched to the forum. And I do not like the current design of the site, what also does not help...
I've begun to clean the streams up. DeviantArt is the first to be severely punished.
The Tumblr stream has reached 1,000,000 views!!!
(28 Feb 2016, 21:25 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]The Tumblr stream has reached 1,000,000 views!!!

Congratulations, without that feed my weekends would be boring.
Do you all remember about the streams?
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