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What do you get when you combine....
So, I'm hoping to run an idea by you more experienced hands here before I get too far along on my build. But first, a question:

What do you get when you combine a battery, electromagnet, and a 'smart plug'?

Definition of a smart plug is ?
A smart plug, plugs into a wall socket and allows the power from it to be controlled from anywhere in the world via wifi.
Add a relay, and you have the makings of interesting game.
Somewhat similar to my own thoughts, but I was thinking that if you were to share the login information with an acquaintance online, you would have any number of remotely controllable restraints/devices/toys.

Size the battery for the maximum amount of time you would be willing to spend in bondage (should that acquaintance decide to leave you there or there is some type of failure) and you have a nearly 100% reliable release mechanism.
That’s true. When the battery degrades, the magnetic lock fails and your free.
Indeed. Though one thing I'm a bit concerned about: What if there is a failure that results in reduced loading on the battery, reducing the magnets holding force but not to the point where release is possible. If this failure reduced draw by a half, it would effectively double the maximum amount of time spent restrained. 

I wonder if this is a likely failure?
Oh the magnetic coil shorts out, the battery will go dead, then your free.
If the coil or windings opens or Break connections, then you’re free.

If you want a second backup, see me Tomarrow as I’m going to bed.
Lol sleepy eh? Secondary backups are alwys good. Let me know!

Also, a bit of thinking error on my part, I was considering powering whatever other devices I chose to utilize for the scenario via the batter as well. The issue with this becomes sizing the battery to accomidate these new loads. The battery becomes larger, and a failure in any of the devices results in a longer period of restraint.    

But it seems the solution is simple: Power the devices from a separate source.

Smart me yay.
This may seem complex, here is a good backup plan.
It uses a sock and ice release like we use before, but instead of keys, it has a weight and a shorting plug like that is found on a set of headphones, or in modern times, ear buds. The plug fits in a socket that connects between the battery and the smartplug.
After the ice melts, the weight falls and pulls the shorting plug out of the socket cutting the batteries from the circuit and your free.