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Full Version: Fetish and bondage dreams
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Do you see anything fetish and bondage related in your dreams? Tell us!
In my dream last night I was wearing short (just under the knee) leggings made out of very transparent colourless (think of tight elastic PVC or polyethylene) latex with big black dot pattern and a t-shirt just long enough to cover my butt a bit. No underwear, just the transparent leggings, a t-shirt and sport shoes.

I was wearing this outfit during at my kids school event.

Funny. Not sure about the large polka-dots, but I like the "material", transparency and tightness.
Oddly enough I don't have fetishy dreams (probably because I do the stuff in RL).
I gotta say I've never dreamed about that. I barely dream at all actually, so when I do it's usually a bunch of dribble.
I sometimes dream about putting on fetish clothes. I get excited then, but it often mixes with being almost detected. I also have dreamed about bondage items, but I never got into bondage in a dream.

Recently, I read about people, who can control their dreams. On one level, they know that they are dreaming and can change the story, on another level, they still enjoy the fake reality. This sounds very intriguing, as we would try things in our dreams that would never be possible in reality. But it was also said, that some of these people have trouble telling reality and thoughts while being awake. Such a price would be too high!
(14 Feb 2012, 22:01 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]Recently, I read about people, who can control their dreams.
We would try things in our dreams that would never be possible in reality.
But it was also said, that some of these people have trouble telling reality and thoughts while being awake. Such a price would be too high!

Interacting with your dreams is easy to do. But the interaction is way more complex than you might think. When asleep your conscious mind is like a visitor in another world. You can change things but you still have to deal with the subtle effects of the sub-conscious feelings you suppress which for me are much more real in this state.
I recently had a dream where I was wearing a black lycra Zentai and ballet flats and was a slinky catburglar. While I was being sneaky I found the diamond I was trying to steal only to find a woman, wearing the same thing but with heels, trying to steal it as well. It was obvious I knew the woman as we had a argument and eventually a physical fight. During our fight we failed to notice the owner of the place was flooding the room with knock out gas and we both passed out. When I woke I was bound to my mystery woman back to back in strict bondage. The owner of the diamond then unmasked us both and sold us both to a brothel. Gotta say it was a great dream 😁
Generally I don’t dream (or if I do I don’t remember them when I wake up) and on the very rare occasions when I do dream they aren’t sexy ones – which makes the dream I had a few days ago very exceptional and is why I feel I need to share here.

There was no real build up in my dream, just a sudden ‘start’.

I was kneeling down with my knees spread apart; wearing tights, my high-heeled boots and a dark coloured satin nightie or slip (you know the sort of thing, with shoulder straps and quite loose fitting). I also had a sort of ring gag (I think) in my mouth, which kept my mouth open.

My legs where bound (and I somehow knew that I was in self-bondage) with leather belts around each ankle and thigh, holding me in the kneeling position. My wrists had leather cuffs around them and where padlocked to their corresponding ankle/thigh belt.

Directly in front of my kneeling position was a shallow pool of opaque white… gunk? Whatever the liquid gunk was I could see it was glistening and not over-deep. I knew (again, don’t ask me how) that to get free from my self-bondage I had to retrieve the keys to my padlocks, which were hidden in the fluid.

To reach the keys I had to fall forwards into the gunk and somehow grab the keys in my ring-gagged mouth – which was exactly what I did!

The gunk was quite viscous (the best I can come up with is a consistency not quite as thick as mayonnaise but definitely not as runny as water or oil) meaning that when I tumble face first into it there is no splash and I had a soft landing. In my dream the fluid is neither warm nor cold, but is slightly sticky and soaks into the satin and nylon covering my body.

Needless to say at this point I recall being highly aroused and, as I struggled in the gunk, I could feel myself sliding my chest and groin in the fluid which was adding more and more to my excitement. I have a very vivid memory of how the wet satin felt heavy as it brushed my erect cock through the nylon of the tights I was wearing. 😁

My dream carried on as I searched through the fluid with my open mouth, using my tongue to feel for the keys (err… I know what you are thinking, but I can’t recall what it tasted like!). Nyam1 Blush

And then it was over and I awoke… with an erection you could have pole-vaulted with! Acute

This is a true recounting, as best I can remember, and, as I said right at the beginning, I don’t dream very often, but I was really glad I did this time.

If all my nights could have dreams this good I’d happily go to bed earlier – mind you, I might spend all my days cleaning bed-sheets!

Does anyone else have real night-time dreams about things like this?

Nobody's ready for my dreams.
Lots of death and violence.
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