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Full Version: AI generated fetish images
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Another latex AI account:
The network can create girls in wet transparent swimsuits. What is WaifuDiffusion?

That's the clothing style I like! Tight latex mini-dress, sheer pantyhose, and high heels! Perfect!

Slightly unrelated, but ... (feel free to move this post as you see fit, @Like Ra)

AI image generation may have landed me a small side hustle.
I am posting some of my images on <redacted> and I was contacted by someone who wanted to commission a "cyber chat" with one of the characters I put up.

So I went and spun up a whole persona around this female character (including a backstory, a job and even a fictional instagram page I might even create for real just for kicks as well as additional topical imagery to upload into chat as the story progresses,) and the two will "meet" later this weekend to play out a fantasy of his, which involves some ... interesting kinks. And he pays a fair hourly fee.

Even if he turns out to be a scammer and reverses the advance payment, this is an interesting way to explore the topic of potentially getting paid for AI pics and have some interesting roleplaying chat where I can pretend to be a cocky female turned into a submissive slave/fucktoy.

If nothing else, it's a fun mental/writing exercise.
I am considering dressing up for the part 😋

Which reminds me, I still need to finish my story I posted here almost a year back. Whoops.
AI can generate shiny pantyhose now:

LoRas are getting pretty good...
Some new swimsuit ones, generated by another model:
The perceived age discussion is moved to
AI Latex Art Wrote:My favorite thing to do is play around with the AI generating random ideas and thoughts. Sometimes, the AI produces something unexpected, wierd or funny.

Is anyone into cute #slimegirls! ❤️

What unexpected and intriguing results will I discover next?


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