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Full Version: AI generated fetish images
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(13 Apr 2023, 22:04 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Ordered! ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3060 V2 OC Edition 12GB VRAM: €399 and €40 ASUS cashback = €359. Possibly the most optimal solution. AMD is cheaper and has more memory, but there is too much fuss to make anything work, plus Nvidia supports automatic video upscaling in Chromium and VLC (I don't care about gaming, as I do not play games).
I hope you enjoy! It will open up lots of possibilities (time to train every single fetish you have into a single AI model)
I have yet to actually try the video upscaler although it does seem to provide very good results. Sadly its not supported in linux and there is no word from nvidia if/when it will be. Even if it was supported in linux right now my software of choice is Firefox and MPV so I would need to change one of those if I wanted to regularly use it 😕 I suppose I have windows installed for a reason...
Where can I find some evil looking prompts?
Hard BDSM etc?
(15 Apr 2023, 03:27 )dhf7b8g Wrote: [ -> ]Sadly its not supported in linux
I learned it only yesterday, as I'm on Linux 😆

(15 Apr 2023, 03:27 )dhf7b8g Wrote: [ -> ]I hope you enjoy!
I did not have time to look into the AI stuff, but everything is working MUCH faster now - my heavy firefox instances were configured to use CPU instead of GPU (as the old GPU had only 2GB VRAM), and now the CPU load dropped from 2-3x fully loaded cores to almost 0%! I think my lowered energy bill will cover for the GPU price within a year.
(16 Apr 2023, 20:08 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]I think my lowered energy bill will cover for the GPU price within a year.

Haha, no.
You will run AI image generators at full blast every spare minute, 100+ iterations on every single prompt because, maybe, MAYBE, the next result will be the best one of the batch.

I checked my logfile the other day (it's not even the original, first one) and it has 68 MB and 168k lines.
Almost every line is a prompt/variation (sometimes it spans over 2 or 3 lines).
(18 Apr 2023, 01:23 )Bound Whore Wrote: [ -> ]Life's too short to pretend you're not into some kinky shit.
I think I will put that on my gravestone.
You can do some good ones with Stable Diffusion and f222 model. For example, my girls swimsuit pics:
[Image: tOGGfQC.png]
[Image: FYst1oH.png]
[Image: QFKH6c6.png]
[Image: 4ijZUcQ.png]
[Image: sPDVymX.png]
(23 Apr 2023, 15:13 )Michael Wrote: [ -> ]You can do some good ones witth stable diffusion and f222 model. For ex. my girls swimsuit pics:
Please upload the images directly into the forum (not copy&paste, upload as files). And never use imgur! (see

Edit: I reuploaded some images
Im sorry, I will do it properly next time.
First try with a tgirl lora (Civitai Link, obviously NSFW).
Looks like it can't hide them under clothes though.

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