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Full Version: AI generated fetish images
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I'm really kind of impressed what's possible now. I haven't focused on any bondage themend stuff for a while because it still was all so awkward and uncanny. It's still not perfect, but the first image of Batgirl getting herself in trouble is the unedited version of a prompt.
Pretty decent right out of the gate.

No LoRa or ControlNet features were used, neither for the position, the hogtie ropes nor the ballgag.
Just plain prompting with the PonyXL checkpoint and some style LoRas and a detail enhancer.

Even the mirror surface of the floor looks almost accurate, the biggest glitch being the face area
AI image generation has huge trouble with upside down faces - as do we humans (see the Thatcher Effect), so who are we to blame it.

But with a little quick and dirty editing, the second image looks pretty aight to me.
Another one from the series.

Loving the ropework on her arms. Also, remember when AI was notoriously bad at drawing hands? I certainly do.
These look fairly realistic - for a cartoon-y image. That's why I actually prefer this style, it's more forgiving when you skirt the uncanny valley.
(AI has always been proficient with asses though. Nothing to complain about here. Damn, that's some cake, Batgirl).

But of course, there are some pretty horrible and obvious blunders - a third hand growing on her back? What?
Some suspension ropes that don't make sense, a missing boot and some weird fins sprouting from the shin.

And after some editing and feeding the edited image for an image2image pass to rough out the edges and making the edit gel better with the surrounding areas, we get the second image. Ready to publish on DeviantArt. Maybe I should get  an account there.

And when there's Batgirl, you know Catwoman can't be far.
Secretaries, librarians and nerds in trouble again:
There's a cult out there addicted to a pink, pheromone-laden mist generated by one woman and her genetically engineered plants. This cult has some interesting rules for the Adoration of their Goddess, here are some illustrations I've made.

By the way @Like Ra, should we have separate threads for different themes/fetishes here in the AI subforum too?
I would use the usual categories for all images (AI or not), and the dedicated AI subforum/threads for discussions on how they were created, hot to create them, AI news, technologies, etc.

Most likely I reshuffle some posts later.
(09 May 2024, 11:05 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]here are some illustrations I've made.
Aha, so you are also playing with neural networks! Cool! What did you use?
No edits, no inpainting. Astounding.
(10 May 2024, 16:38 )Bound Whore Wrote: [ -> ]No edits, no inpainting. Astounding.
At least 3 LoRAs? PVC, hogtie and suspension? The proportions are completely off, but the bondage is quite reasonable!
Generally I stick out of these kinds of AI posts but the frequency has increased enough to justify commenting, unfortunately these kinds of posts are both disturbing and low quality and I am concerned with the proliferation.

The photos produced by these image generators are just not good, whether it’s the glassy eyes and vacant faces, the inhuman proportions, the matrix spoon style distortions of everything else or the lack of any semblance of creativity/imagination. I admit it performs very well at realistic texturing but the art overall in my opinion is outclassed by human artists of even middling skills levels. The resultant art really does look creepy and like body horror in most cases, that isn’t even to mention the fact that the generated art in this case and with the suspiciously young spandex guys are going to raise a lot of eyebrows.

My ask is that the AI generated arts are limited to being in the AI art channel and not in other existing threads
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