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Full Version: 80's look
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I only wore Wolford Satin Deluxe and Gatta Black Brilliant, but these are much better. Also the price is OK, 15 euros.
Will90MeeG wrote

Quote:They look identical to the Cecelia De Rafael Uppsala ones.

One thing about the CdR Uppsalas that's really retro is their sewn-in waistband, I don't think I've seen that in tights (as opposed to leggings) since the eighties.

(19 Sep 2020, 07:57 )latexballet Wrote: [ -> ]OK, so this is how the tights from Calzedonia look when the sun shines on them, they really are as the model says "Super Shiny". I wore them on bike morning bike ride today, very comfortable, and nice to wear 😊

Wow, I want to go riding in your town now 😊. Funny story, when I lived in San Francisco, there used to be a bakery three doors down from our house and I used to go there a couple mornings a week for bread, pastries, etc. Every morning there used to be a bike rider sitting having coffee wearing what was obviously a shiny spandex unitard with bike shorts over it. I'm straight, but I often suspected that he was looking for some spandex "friends..."
I dunno... the threadcount density on the Calzedonia's looks a bit low/rough. (...and yes, I have gotten pretty good at judging that from just a picture lol )
How about this look? Just great for wearing at home 😉
Keeping the 80s look alive at my home gym.
Enjoying the look and feel of wearing a pair of Tamara glossy tights in dark suntan over a pair of regular Hooters pantyhose in suntan.  So fun and stimulating!
Tried Tamara glossy tights in black as well!
I've found this gem while treasure hunting on Vinted. Nice shiny aerobics leotard from the German brand, Erima. It's in very nice condition, only the belt shows some signs of age. It's just a rubber band, so I'm sure I will find a replacement if it's really needed.
Goes nicely with these black stirrup leggings from Roch Valley. I need to find some pink legwarmers to complete the look. 😊
(03 Jan 2023, 06:14 )hosefun13 Wrote: [ -> ]Tried Tamara glossy tights in black as well!

I really like that look. I wish it was more common.

Do you have an area where you can be outside and not run into people?
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