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Full Version: Found an interesting picture or a video? SAVE IT!!!
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We've discussed this hundreds of times, and I keep repeating it again and again:

If you have found an interesting picture, video, article, document - please save it, and, if the size allows, upload it into the forum!

FAQ: How to post a picture in the forum
FAQ: How to download videos from YouTube, XTube, Vevo, etc.

Sites disappear, accounts get removed, articles expire, pictures and videos get censored or deleted. Whatever is linked might evaporate much sooner than you think. Periodically I check old threads, and it's a pain to see a multiple times thanked post with a dead link to a video.

On my side I try to save as much as I can, to day I reuploaded a bunch of videos to the Self-bondage thread, but still many very interesting videos got lost 😢

Also, please mention the name of the video you are posting in front of the link, so it could be found again should it get removed (yes, thesame video can have many names, but still it's better, than a dead link with no info).
And if you run RetroShare, bittorrent, IPFS, eMule, eDonkey, whatever, please reshare the saved videos!
How do you upload or attach a video of your own? I tried through the attachment option, but it wouldn't work with an mp4 video. I was then going to upload it to my own server but the link option is only for social media sites.
(18 Feb 2020, 06:48 )LeotardLover Wrote: [ -> ]I tried through the attachment option,
Yes, this is how you do it. Then you can use [mp4] tags. (Attach a video to a post, I tweak it, then you can Edit -> Quick to see how I've done it). However, it does not work for iPhones.
Another reminder after Pornhub apocalypse! Save all interesting photos and videos!!!
Last chance to see....

[attachment=49359] - another one bites the dust, X-Tube closing in September

If, after the purge, there are any videos you like still left on X-Tube then make haste before they are all gone forever.

All of my own uploads were lost in the aforementioned purge, along with those of many I followed, so for me the pain is lessened. 

Beware the puritanical minority controlling what they deem 'fit and proper' for us to see.

(12 Jul 2021, 10:22 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]another one bites the dust, X-Tube closing in September
WHOA!!!! More work, then .... Looks like we definitely need more space for the site.... and
No picture??