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Full Version: All things hogties (pictures, photos, videos)
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One of my favorite self-bondage positions. When I had "alone time" (which hasn't been for awhile), I loved using this:

Alex's video is great:


Do we need a thread for armbinders?  😊  My second favorite:

Very tight hogtie with bound elbows:


Transparent latex catsuit is clearly a bonus 😋

The inspector

Two of my favourites here.
Very tight indeed. Cant forget the gag.
Asymmetric frog-hog-tie:
That is one tight armbinder! The rest is amazing as well.
(08 Sep 2020, 11:56 )jessilongstocking Wrote: [ -> ]I'd love to see what happens next...

This 😋


Reverse prayer hogtie, but without the back arch. Absolutely helpless.
[b]hogtie[/b] (verb)
  1. secure (a person or animal) by fastening the hands and feet or all four feet together.
..which gives quite a lot of scope for variety, read on:

The 'Classic'
and animation for those who like to see action

The 'Legs spread'
more animation

The 'Crossed ankles' (all animated)

So much choice, which flavour do you prefer?


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