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Full Version: Hypnotic Triggers
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(18 Feb 2018, 23:18 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]This is the moment that bothers me when I play with hypnosis: is it because of the hypnosis
I mean: I can try to shake it off, but I want it to be real. Sometimes, I try to resist, but I like it, so I'm not sure if my attempts are strong enough. Or... Is it not the hypnosis, but my "mindful meditation" I decided to always follow? Yeah, my usual question: what was/is it?
Here's a good test:

o- orgasm 2 minutes before the alarm clock goes off
o- knowing the exact time
I am looking for some "good"/"working" trigger mp3

- blank
- bondage
- freeze

I tried some files I found on retroshare. But they wont work for me.

So, have you found a mp3 with a trigger, which does work on you?

I idly had an idea for covert triggering.

Hypnotist sets triggers associated with punctuation, in arrangements that you wouldn't just normally see at random when reading. Maybe using a prefix of some sort, then setting the trigger so that if there's no punctuation after the prefix, the trigger doesn't fire. It could be used in messages, or in public and disguised as a typo.

Say, the tist sets : as prefix, and the triggers are other punctuation near that on a keyboard. So that :, would read as a command, maybe stacking for complex triggers like :,"/ that could even read as strange emoticons.

It'd be a lot of work but it sounds fun.
(02 Nov 2023, 01:44 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]And that brings us to:

I dunno, text hypnosis is different from text triggers. I've not had great luck with the former but have had the latter work fine.
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