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Full Version: Nails and nail polish fetish - showcase your nails!
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(10 Mar 2021, 01:55 )LikeΒ Ra Wrote: [ -> ]the outer surface of some other links lost the shine after prolonged contact with the desk surfaces.

This is what I mean (zoom in):


"Added" painted nails to stay on topic πŸ˜‹
Playing with kdenlive and video editing πŸ˜‰

Our kids were at home today. After ~2 hours my son exclaimed :"Oh! Just noticed!" - that's basically it. Reaction of my daughter was almost immediate:"WOW! COOL!!!". Then from time to time she praised the result with: "Great! Really!" or "Now this looks like it should look!".

Also, it turned out that last week she did notice, that my wife and I had the same nail polish, so my assumption was incorrect:

(08 Mar 2021, 03:46 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]did not notice anything! Only my daughter looked closely once and said that the sky beautifully reflects in my nails. She did not mention the manicure.
Zips are too unfriendly to manicure 😟
Fascinating... 2 base, 3 colour and 1 top layer. Taken in a grocery shop with spot lights 😊

New violet nails

Which bracelet do you think is a better match? Charoite or sugilite? πŸ˜‹

[attachment=47207] finally found some spot-lights, so the colour is visible 😁
Nail fun continues:

Very good question by NailObsessed:

NailObsessed Wrote:Anyone else struggle with the perfect hand pose?

It turned out to be very difficult!



Obviously, the idea was to match the colours of the nails and lapis lazuli bracelets. I would call it a success πŸ˜‹
Very beautiful hands and nails 😊 I'm so jealous right now.
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