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Full Version: Nails and nail polish fetish - showcase your nails!
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Next step is to learn to do it properly 😉
(09 Feb 2020, 17:42 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Next step is to learn to do it properly 😉
Definitely more practice required 😊 . Even it's not perfect, the surprise of waking up and seeing painted nails has quite the effect on me. 😉
OK, then the "first advice set": remove the old polish completely, remove the cuticles and move/shift the skin away as much as possible, coat the WHOLE nail, remove the polish from the skin, make a photo, post here 😊 GO!
Of course the curse of a closet cross-dresser is waiting for an opportunity to open the closet door. In the meantime here is an earlier attempt at French nails:[attachment=38664]
Transparent smokey glass claws - interesting design



On Mar 01 my nails were painted for the first time in my life (by my wife) and ... I love every second of it! My wife and I had exactly the same nail polish Manhattan 050 "Mermaid Fantasy" with pearly pink-blue effect. And the funny thing is - during the whole week, nobody, who was close to me for prolonged period of time (two guests and my two kids), did not notice anything! Only my daughter looked closely once and said that the sky beautifully reflects in my nails. She did not mention the manicure.

And I'm hooked...


New colour (Essie 48) ! My wife has got a bit different tone 😋 She said, that my hands look more brutal now (nah, not feminine 😁)


Let's see who will notice my nails this time 😁
When I began to wear Rado Sintra I learned to watch my left wrist, because the ceramics is very fragile.
When I began to wear pantyhose with shorts I learned to watch my legs to prevent snagging.
Now I began to paint my nails and I'm learning to watch what I'm doing with my fingers, because the lacquer can easily be scratched or chipped. Quite a "mindfulness" meditation, I must admit! 😁
Quote:When I began to wear Rado Sintra I learned to watch my left wrist, because the ceramics is very fragile.
I've worn a Rado Sintra every day for years, literally up hill and down dale and it looks identical today to the day I bought it. It's been dinged on rocks many times without taking the slightest scratch, why do you think they're 'very fragile'? Isn't their being virtually indestructible their USP?
(10 Mar 2021, 01:37 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]It's been dinged on rocks many times without taking the slightest scratch
I had to replace several links because I dropped it once, another link was destroyed when the bracelet was squeezed in my bag, I got some scratches when I fell from my bike (over the front wheel - I managed to protect the watch, though, when rolling over), and the outer surface of some other links lost the shine after prolonged contact with desk surfaces. And yes, they are genuine and registered. My wife (she's got a smaller Sintra) and I stopped wearing any watches around 5 years ago, though. I hope the batteries do not leak...

(10 Mar 2021, 01:37 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]virtually indestructible
Mmm... Not sure ...
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