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Full Version: trousers armbinder
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Hi all,

not sure if this is repost, but i found this nice picture tutorial how to make armbinder from trousers.

Hope you will like it.

Yes, this method is known, but this particular image/tutorial was never published here. So, thanks for posting and welcome aboard! 😉
Interesting. Has anyone tried this before?
I even posted a video of my version using tights.... Pantyhose single-arm bondage

I know this is an old tread but I have a quick question.
The 'cycle shorts' method... Have you tried it with some 3/4 length versions ?

At 188cm I feel that the shorts may only be just past my elbows rather than down by my wrists. But that said I'm yet to try it. I'm on the look out for cheap cycle (no pad) or running Lycra/spandex shorts.
This is a good tutorial with nice pictures. And there is an interesting use of the waist-cord.
I tried this method (without waist-cord) not too long ago, but could not find suitable pants.
A long time ago, I have done it with tights successfully.