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Full Version: Flaccid Of The Day (FOTD)
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(22 Nov 2020, 23:39 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]THIS! IS! DISGUSTING!

in what way??

Colour Choice?
Latex over underwear?... im guessing here  😋
Going out on a limb with this one as I suspect it'll be a bit controversial, but (takes deep breath)....

[attachment=44851] - Bunny boy 'ain't doing it for me!

Seriously cock softening to my tastes (to be honest I'm not a fan of Bunny Girls either...)


Tin hat on, hunkering in the bunker [attachment=44853]
Yeaaaa... no

Don’t think so
There is PVC clothing and then there is this PVC clothing  Bad 


Now, I'm sure that somewhere out there, maybe on this very forum, there will be some who think 'Sexy' but it isn't ever going to be me!  😁

Total FOTD

I wonder why these fishnet trousers are called leggings 😁
Another bit of nightmare fuel.

(22 Aug 2021, 12:15 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]Another bit of nightmare fuel.

Sleepless nights for all the wrong reasons!  Shok

Make it go away, make is go away!

Quote:Make it go away, make is go away!
You should be grateful I spared you the animated version I first saw!
I want to see the animated version !!!!!
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