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Full Version: MJ-SB06/2014 – Home alone 4: The grand finale
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This was to be the last session of my ‘home alone’ odyssey and so I wanted it to be a proper self-bondage session with as much fun as I could contrive.

70den closed crotch nylon long sleeved bodysuit with sheath
3 pairs 20den tan tights
12 knee-highs
purple butt plug
High-heeled ankle boots
Black Lycra body
snap-lock clips
ball gag
wrist, thigh and ankle cuffs
spreader bar
cock vibrator
digital timer
rope ratchet
ice cubes and detergent bag
ear plugs

The session:
After my day of re-enacting various bondage images I had been too tired to start another proper session, but the following day was an agony of being incredibly turned on by what had happened and a desperate need to do something naughty. I’d spent the day working from home, dressed in tights and well plugged. I confess that my thoughts were not 100% focused on work, so finished early, ate a light meal and got started.

Dressing began with swopping my smaller ‘cock’ butt-plug for the larger purple one. Next I used some thin rope to bind my aeady erect cock around the shaft and my balls, before encasing both my cock and balls with a condom. I pulled on my nylon bodysuit, enjoying the feeling of my encased cock sliding into the nylon sheath. Using a knee-high I further encased my cock (see here for more), before attaching my cock vibrator with two more knee-highs. This meant my bound cock was now covered by 1 layer of latex and 7 layers of tight nylon… oh yes!

Now came 3 pairs of tan tights (typical me: I rediscover some fetish items and then can’t get enough of wearing them!) and my Lycra body. High-heeled ankle boots quickly followed, with leather cuffs on each ankle and thigh, and then I started on my head. Ear plugs in first, then1 knee high went on, then the ball gag (inside another knee-high) and two more knee highs over that (are you counting the layers?).
Everything was set up on the bed, as were the rope ratchet (same set-up as in this posting ), digital timer and ice-release (2 cubes tonight) so I switched on both videos and went for it!
First stage was to use the snap-links to lock my booted ankles to opposite ends of the spreader bar aeady chained to the bed. Next I lay back, connected up the cock vibrator to the timer (didn’t want to forget that!) and used more pre-prepared rope to bind my thighs apart and down to the bed. I found an extra knee-high, so pulled that over my head – waste not, want not! (Are you still counting the layers?)
Satisfied they were as tight as could be (I would have liked tighter) I used more rope to secure my upper body down onto the bed. I love this feeling, when I’m tied down to something and feel ropes tight across my chest – it’s like a super bondage hug! I did consider using more rope as a combined blindfold (not that I could see very much through all those layers) and head binding to the bed, but realised I still needed a little bit of movement to complete my session. With two more knee-highs on each arm I completed my encasement and added a wrist cuff to each arm. I’d pre-tied a rope to the right cuff, which passed through my thigh cuff d-ring to the rope ratchet, far away on the floor and secured in place by ice cubes.
Now came the final stages of rendering myself completely helpless: using another snap-link I clipped my left wrist cuff to my left thigh, and then reached for the tightening rope from the ratchet.
Once more each click (just about audible through my plugged ears under all those layers) sent a thrill through my body, I was almost shaking with excitement… or was it desire? Slowly, slowly, the rope to my right cuff started to tighten and pull my hand towards my thigh. Then suddenly I was stuck! The ropes held me tight and no amount of pulling would free me until the ice melted.
It was wonderful.😁

I was blissed out on being so utterly helpless until the ice melted and freed me. I could move, a little, but that seemed to only accentuate my helplessness as the ropes and chains abruptly halted any further mobility (I’ve an erection right now, just recalling those feelings).

I realised I had no idea how long the timer had to run before it started its first cycle, I’d set it with 20minutes before starting, but how long had it took me to bind myself? I tried to relax into my bondage, but my mind was filled with all sorts of naughty thought, not helped by the plug filling my ass I might add!

My cock was aching as it strained against the many layers of encasement and bondage I’d used. I imagined the pre-cum oozing into the condom, but could gain no stimulation with attempted ‘air fucking’ – damn my bondage was good!
Suddenly I felt rather than heard the vibrator kick into life – the massaging was just enough to arouse me further, but nowhere near enough to bring me close to orgasm. 1minute passed too quickly and the vibrations stopped. I was frustrated and aroused in equal parts. I knew I had no escape and no chance of orgasm but I so desperately wanted the later.
I tried to work the plug in my ass, but the tightness of the Lycra body and many layers of nylon held it immovable deep inside me.

The vibrator ran a second time, a third, fourth, fifth, and many more – sometimes for 1 minute only, occasionally for 2, sometimes with a 1minute gap, more often with 2 or 3 minutes between teasing.

With each passing cycle making me more and more desperate to cum I tried to use my left hand to stimulate myself; twisting around so that I could rub my cock, but I could hardly feel anything. I tried to fuck myself with the butt-plug, but again was thwarted by the many layers and limited movement I had.

I was truly lost in my self-bondage space: I had actually lost count of the cycles so didn’t know if there were any left or not. My mind was creating such erotic images I thought it would be impossible not to cum when the next cycle began, but I never could – I only became more and more aroused and less and less able to do anything about it.
[attachment=11440] - the ice has melted!
Finally and with a suddenness that surprised me, my wrist came free as the ice finally melted and the ratchet fell free onto the floor. For a moment I didn’t more, almost not realising what had happened, but then I quickly started to disentangle myself.

I had no intention of tidying up my gear, but had every intention of finally gaining the orgasm I had so desperately needed for the nearly 40minutes (I checked the video timer) I’d been helplessly abused by that damn vibrator.

If readers ask nicely I can post what I did next – it wasn’t self-bondage, but it was solo and very, very, erotic at the time (Oh my, was it good!).

What went well?
The rope ratchet binding and release – this was the first time I’d combined the rope ratchet and cuffs in this manner and the result was spectacularly good. It was impossible for me to free myself before the ice melted, I couldn’t undo my wrist cuff (no need for locks or similar) nor the thigh cuff (buckle being beyond reach) and there was no knot I could undo on the rope (doubled up and looped through the d-ring). I will be experimenting with this method further and next time I’m home alone hope to have an even more exciting plan ready to try out.

That damn cock vibrator was so wonderfully fucking teasing! - I must have got it nearly perfect because I both hated it for not bringing me orgasm, but then wanted it (oh how I wanted it) when it wasn’t on! Can you imagine over 30minutes (I checked) of on-off teasing to not quite orgasm, when you can’t do a thing about it? Oh my, oh my, oh my!

What could be improved?
My left wrist had too much freedom – ok, so I did benefit a little bit from that, but I shouldn’t have been able to if I’d been in better bondage! And so that needs to be fixed.

Legs spread wider – the spreader bar I’ve made has 3 ‘width’ options depending upon which combination of rings I use. In this session I’d opted for the ‘middle’ setting and really wished I’d gone for the widest. When I’m in the zone having my legs held as wide apart as possible is such a big additional turn-on. I also need to work on a better way of holding my thighs as wide apart as possible too – I’m sure I know how, but need to test it out.

Body bondage – I want to be able to properly fix my body (crotch, waist, chest and head) in some form of bondage so that I can’t move too much. This is tricky because to complete my bondage I need some freedom and I haven’t yet figured out how to balance the two requirements out.

Butt-plug – a bit embarrassing this one… I wanted, needed, a bigger one for this session. Maybe it was because I’d been wearing a plug almost all day (my ass was very ‘relaxed’ by the time I started the session), but the usual sensations just didn’t happen and I was aching for something bigger to tease me… ahem! (That’s part of the ‘what happened afterwards’ story)

100% encasement – again, when I watch the video I keep seeing my bare neck and wishing I’d covered up completely. I know what I need to do to solve this, but time and money… as always.

As always I hope you enjoy the re-telling and photos of my session as much as I enjoyed doing it

Play safe

I think I added all your adventures to this list:
(14 Jun 2014, 22:37 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]I think I added all your adventures to this list:

I think you have 😁

Have I really posted so many? Wow!!! Maybe I'm having more fun than I thought 😁

Post Script to my session (For Tinker D 😁 )

How I finally got what I wanted Blush

Beware - this may not be to everyone's taste, you have been warned!

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Yeah, looks like we're on the same wave here 😋
Thank you for that great writing.
And thank you again for the great ideas.
MJ, did you indeed manage to get all 20cm in your throat? Impressive!
(08 Jul 2014, 13:43 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]MJ, did you indeed manage to get all 20cm in your throat? Impressive!

Well here is another one of those weird things from that night - normally I can't deep-throat at all (gag reflex is too strong) but in the state/mood/zone I was in I have memories of touching the 'balls' of the dildo with my lips, so.... ?

I've tried to repeat the experience (the bathroom scene), but when 'starting from cold' I just can't achieve the same things at either end. 🤔