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Full Version: Water-polo swimsuits
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I'm a big fan of Speedo hydrasuits (water-polo swimsuits). I have 3 of them. Different sizes, from very small (even too small for my daughter) to one size bigger than mine (I use it for yoga every day). My daughter has one and my wife has one. But it looks like they disappeared from all shops in NL. Does anybody know where real sport water-polo swimsuits (closed with a zip) can be found?

I mean real sport swimsuits, not from fetish shops like FetsFash (there is nothing wrong with fetsfash, I just want a real suit).

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Speaking of NL: I bought the Speedo hydrasuits in Perry Sport and Decathlon. Currently they disappeared from the web-sites. In DE I saw them in Karstadt-Sport.
You're right, they do seem to have almost disappeared from the shops, both on-line and on the High Street. It's odd because they're still available (in any colour you want as long as it's black 😉 ) from the Speedo website where they're described as a 'best-seller'.

Yes, this one. Several years ago I saw one suit on sale in PINK!!!! And I DID NOT BUY IT because it was for girls (too small). And now I have a similar sized suit and I can fit in... Arrrggghhh.....

(05 Mar 2014, 08:00 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]they're described as a 'best-seller'.
It's the only water-polo suit available in normal shops anyway. And, by the way, they changes the design a couple of years ago. The leg cutouts are higher and the material is more dense now.
This is Realise...
Found this suit: Speedo Fastskin FSII Hydrasuit


Looks interesting...
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