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Full Version: Water-polo swimsuits
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Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 painfully digs into the spine bones if your neck is pressed against the floor (e.g. in halasana, aka the plough).

Any sort of zipper will do that, as will the poppers on key-hole back suits. I bought a 'shoulder-entry' suit with poppers on the side of the neck specifically to avoid that problem.


That said, it's rather to tight around the neck so I usually wear a retro scoop neck leo and stirrup tights for my yoga. OK, the stirrup tights are a compromise but classically you should do yoga barefoot and (with a few exceptions) leggings just don't press the right buttons for me....
For me it's the other way around: I hate stirrup tights, shiny leggings is a good compromise (but I do not like wearing a leotard, a swimsuit or even shorts on top of leggings, just a t-shirt), and for yoga I wear 40-70 den tights (they give a good grip and prevent sweating).
Came across this image and think this is a good thread to share it in:

[attachment=10999] - looks incredibly tight, though ideally would not have the legs?

There's a whole thread on the (now banned) Jaked suits here

Looked great but horrifically expensive and hard to find with a tendency to split as I recall.
(08 May 2014, 18:00 )culmor Wrote: [ -> ]hard to find with a tendency to split as I recall.

And the back is "open"...
The Mizuno above gone for 429 quid. Yeah, fetishism knows no limits 😁

Meanwhile I bought these two swimsuits:

MF hydrasuit gymnastic lycra body


It's very elastic, it follows all my curves, but I can't closer the zip by myself 😁

And yet another Speedo hydrasuit (old model polyamide/lycra, not polyamide/polypropilene):

Search eBay UK: Speedo hydrasuit

Actually, my wife won the swimsuit for me 😉
I've recently purchased a TYR neoprene waterpolo swimsuit,metallic blue,on ebay.Very nice item,tight fitting,but fits me nicely...
Something I do not understand... Why is this swimsuit that special, that the owner wants 199 euros for it?

Speedo s2000 hydrasuit


It does not look any different from usual Speedo waterpolo swimsuits that can be found in sport shops for 45 euros. Red seams? 😁
Speaking of TYR swimsuits. Just found this one on eBay: Tyr high neck waterpolo hydrasuit


Interesting design.
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