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Full Version: Idea for forced wearing in public
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I first thought of it for forcing myself to wear zentai in public but this can be used for anything.

The idea is to have 2 padlocks and 2 keys. 1 to lock whatever you need to lock (in my case, zipper of zentai), the other is to lock the key you used to lock yourself into. You need something like a secured box or chest that you can put your key into and lock it.

Let me explain this in a simple expression:

Let the lock you are using to lock yourself into be named Lock1.
Let the key for Lock1 be named Key1.
Let the lock you are using to lock Key1 be named Lock2.
Let the key to Lock2 be named Lock2.
Let the box/chest you are keeping Key1 in be named Box1.

So let's begin with the steps:
1. Keep Key1 in Box1 and lock it with Lock2.
2. Keep Box1 with you.
3. Go somewhere in public, hide your Key2.
4. Wear whatever you want to be locked into (e.g. zentai).
5. Lock yourself in with Lock1.

The scenario now is you are locked inside. Box1 is with you and inside it is your key to freedom (Key1). To unlock Box1 to get your key (Key1), you have to get Key2, which you hid somewhere in public. You are now forced to go out, feeling embarrassed and hot, to find your Key2.

If your Box1 is a small portable box, that would spoil the fun as you can be unlocked straight away as you find Key2. Let Box1 be something heavy and secure like a fridge/safe. That way, you are forced to go out and back, only to be free when you return home.

I thought this through because I am very shy. I only wore zentai in public once but that was in the middle of the night. I constantly feared and hid myself when I saw people. I didn't get far from my home either. This idea gave me a way to challenge myself. Why should I get so scared? I'm wearing a zentai after all, nobody knows who I am anyways 😎
Your idea might work, but instead, you might find yourself cutting up your zentai suit at home before you go out and pick up the key. And if you do that, that's the way it is supposed to happen. Right now you have a dominant mind and it is fun to put your alter ego into distress. However, when you follow this idea, you will be the submissive, with quite different ideas about getting aroused. Before you actually try this idea, make sure, both minds are happy with it. Especially read the last paragraph of your post as a submissive. Do you really like it? Oh, and challenges aren't forced, they are suggestions. Your idea is no suggestion, it is forced.

I am not sure, how you want to wear your zentai suit. So lets take another example, take a walk in handcuffs:

- Pocket some handcuffs, but leave the key at home.
- Go for a walk that leads straight away from home
- While walking, consider the way home handcuffed.
- When you think, this is as far as I want to go, put the handcuffs on
- Consider walking away a little further
- From now on, follow your intuition and enjoy

The crucial moment is when you decide to put on your handcuffs. This is where your dominant and submissive mind meet. Don't do anything that your submissive mind doesn't agree to. Don't let the dominant mind take over, it is role play only, while the submissive mind will be your reality in a few seconds.
And again, this is how I began to wear pantyhose publicly: Part I Part II

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Likera, your approach sounds much more sensible. As you say, it can take years to get used to it.

For pvc jackets, I got a good excuse, I have a bicycle and those jackets are very good weather protection. Eventually, I also didn't mind anymore wearing them without a bike. Anyway, a bicycle is a very good excuse for weird clothing.
(02 Dec 2012, 15:12 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]Anyway, a bicycle is a very good excuse for weird clothing.
And jogging.
(02 Dec 2012, 15:34 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(02 Dec 2012, 15:12 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]Anyway, a bicycle is a very good excuse for weird clothing.
And jogging.

Yes, that too! And the good point for both is, that people simply assume, that you are doing sports and forgive you anything, because whatever you wear - except for handcuffs and the like - must be functional 😁
Sorry for bringing up and old thread, but enjoying digging around here. The first time I went out in feminine mode I used a similar technique. I dressed at home with femme underwear. Put on jeans and jacket to leave the house. My hair and make up were aeady done though. I had a small lockable back with me, with my skirt, top, coat and boots. I found a one person unisex public toilet some way from where I parked the car. I changed into the clothes I'd brought with me, put the jeans and jacket in the bag and locked it shut. No option now but to be in public dressed. I tend to blend in when I'm out - no fishnets/heels/mini-skirts etc! Being outside was almost an anticlimax as there was no reaction at all. Since then, I've never had any issues with others. Confidence and flying under the radar are key! And meticulously applied make up (that hides the beard shadow!!).
(21 Jan 2022, 17:17 )Andy Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry for bringing up and old thread
We do not have old threads here 😊 All threads are considered actual and fresh.

(21 Jan 2022, 17:17 )Andy Wrote: [ -> ]Being outside was almost an anticlimax as there was no reaction at all.
Noticed that when I was wearing pantyhose with breeches virtually everywhere, including the office in the summer. 😄

(21 Jan 2022, 17:17 )Andy Wrote: [ -> ]Confidence and flying under the radar are key!
Very true.

(21 Jan 2022, 17:17 )Andy Wrote: [ -> ]no fishnets/heels/mini-skirts
These things (they are very welcome!) make heads pivot regardless the sex of the person wearing them 😆

(21 Jan 2022, 17:17 )Andy Wrote: [ -> ]And meticulously applied make up
Painted nails is the maximum I have experience with (