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Body doubles in movies.
I found this on YouTube, comedian Robert Webb performing a surprisingly good version of 'What a Feeling' from 'Flashdance' :

It reminded me that Jennifer Beals does virtually none of the dancing in the original movie . Most of the time you're watching the French actress Marine Jahan (or the gymnast Sharon Shapiro) but in the final scenes she's doubled by a male dancer, Richard "Crazy Legs" Colón. In this picture Beals is at the top (in case you couldn't tell Big Grin )

This led me to thinking, where else on film does does a man have to wear lycra to body double as an actress? There's 'Blade Runner' where in her final scene Pris (Daryl Hannah) is doubled by gymnast Gary Combs:


The only other example I can think of is from the sixties TV series 'Batman' when a male jockey doubled as Yvonne Craig's 'Batgirl' for the horse-racing scenes in the episode 'The Sport of Kings'.

Any more?