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Forward hogtie, escape method? - Joyl27 - 14 Jul 2012

Today I came up with a different type of hogtie, if that's what it should be called...

I was wearing seven layers of assorted pantyhose for evening relaxation, and then I thought of something. I pulled a pair of leggings (i.e. no feet) on my knees, one knee in each leg. It was very tight (especially due to the layers underneath), and I was just able to pull it up and get the waist where it should be, and surprisingly the seams did not show too much stress. The end result looked quite nice, nice round shapes. It was also relatively comfortable, because the pantyhose layers added a lot of soft buffer between boney bodyparts (by this I mean ankles).

Now, if you inserted your hands and arms through the foot openings (which are now on the knees), you could make your hands meet near the crotch, and cuff them together. You would be forced nearly into a ball shape. I am sure someone has aeady tried this.

Because the foot openings were too narrow in the end to fit a knee through, there was absolutely no way to maneuver those openings towards the hands. The arms were tightly forced parallel to the legs. Maneuvering the waist opening down might be possible in some circumstances, but it could be definitely prevented with a belt.

I wonder: If one were to use this technique, what possible escape method could there be? The hands would be completely internal, and from that position it is impossible to move any object (such as a key) from outside to the inside where the hands are. Depending on circumstances it might also be impossible to make the hands actually meet. Also, it is a position where chances of legs beginning to fall asleep are high, so a forced lengthy wait for a release is not feasible.

(One possible means I just thought of, is to use the pantyhose-on-arms (with crotchpiece behind the neck) method, and once the hands meet inside the leggings, tie the ends of the pantyhose together, effectively producing the cuffs from the hosiery. Escaping is a matter of untying the knot. Which may always be slightly impossible, considering that I found tying the knot impossible in practice to begin with.)