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Utilizing a nylon hood - Frank - 26 Jul 2020

After a recent session of using a nylon hood as an anchor, @JackWong25 helped me modify this idea into another tie. To start with I have on 3 layers of Hanes Sheer Energy nylons, Capezio leotard, leather ballet boots, a washcloth stuffed under a tape gag, a pair of nylons as a hood, and a collar locked on to keep the hood in place. For the first position I had the chest harness and the hood tied to the ankles.
 session3a.jpg thumbnail   
 session3b.jpg thumbnail   
It worked, but wasn't too restrictive and the ice release key fell way too early due to the summer heat. To modify things my legs were locked into a frogtie with leather straps, extra nylon bands were added around the elbows, and the nylon hood was tied to my wrists. This was very effective.
 session3c.jpg thumbnail   
 session3d.jpg thumbnail   
 session3e.jpg thumbnail   
The nylon-to-wrist tie meant that either the wrists were being pulled up to the lower back, or the arms were straightened and the head was pulled back. Very fun to struggle around this way. The release key was in the next room so whenever you're ready, just wiggle your way down the hall to freedom. Each position was 30 minutes with about 1 hour in between, so just over 2 hours total. Thanks again, Jack!

P.S. Sorry about the buckets. They're for an aquarium and I forgot to remove them prior to filming.

RE: Utilizing a nylon hood - Tinker D - 26 Jul 2020

Very nice.
Wish I could pull that as well as you did.

RE: Utilizing a nylon hood - Frank - 03 Aug 2020

Thank you for the kind words. I don't feel like I can accomplish anything like the bondage photos we see on the internet, but seeing a few thanks and compliments does give a bit of confidence. I have a new thought of running the nylon leg down to my ankles and then back up to the wrist cuffs, thus puling both my head and wrists back towards my ankles. Hmmm.

RE: Utilizing a nylon hood - Like Ra - 03 Aug 2020

Long time ago I posted this photo:

 self-bondage_pantyhose_single-glove_ses60__04445.jpg thumbnail   

I had no idea how to incorporate it into a proper self-bondage session.