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How to organize collections - Like Ra - 10 Jun 2019

How do you organize your collections? Any kind of collections: digital music, digital videos, CDs, DVD's, minerals, stamps, wine, magazines, pantyhose, butt-plugs, books, files, projects, images, tutorials, useful UNIX commands, scripts, programs, web-links, anything. 

I noticed, that I spend way too much time on searching. And too often I have duplicates stored in different places. Help?

For example, for audio files it's the easiest. They can be stored in folders (Group name/Album/Tracks), they can be automatically fingerprinted, compared with online databases and tagged, and they can be searched by tags.

For notes, links and projects I use zim . No automation, everything is stored in text format, tags can be added and searched, various plugins are supported, no automation though.

RE: How to organize collections - Anne - 10 Jun 2019

I have given up on putting everything in folders, just use some organiser or library software that uses tags. For fotos I use Shotwell.

RE: How to organize collections - krinlyc - 10 Jun 2019

Okay, On windows I do have my index in the file/windows explorer.
On *nix I use "locate" to find a file by name and find /home/krin -exec grep -li <search> \; to search in files


You see - I am not that organized at all.

RE: How to organize collections - Like Ra - 10 Jun 2019

(10 Jun 2019, 18:40 )Anne Wrote: For fotos I use Shotwell.
I've got Shotwell installed, but I never used it for the whole libraries. Just added a test one, let's see what it can do with RAW fimages and bulk tagging...
I also played with digiKam, the good think is that it shows photos on the map.

(10 Jun 2019, 18:43 )krinlyc Wrote: /home/krin -exec grep -li <search> \;
grep -R is another useful command 😉

RE: How to organize collections - kbzlace - 16 Jun 2019

I have a large lockable Husky tool chest, where I keep my fetish gear collection.

Inside I sort similar items (arm cuffs, gags, masks, straps, ...) into plastic bags.

But it is still a huge mess, I am always searching for something. I would love to have a walk-in closet just for fetish gear. Also for the ventilation of the goods. But that would require a house with a secret room. Maybe it will be a project for retirement.

RE: How to organize collections - Like Ra - 17 Jun 2019

(16 Jun 2019, 22:52 )kbzlace Wrote: Also for the ventilation of the goods.
True, this is important. Considering how fast latex degrades...

RE: How to organize collections - madjack - 17 Jun 2019


Hmmm... I've heard of the concept  Lol

Photos are sorted by year and, for non-fetish, then sit in folders appropriate to the month... and that's about it.

Fetish related photos have a totally separate section, also sub-divided by year with further sub-folders for each session or theme. I don't tag any images.

Clothing and gear is worse - I've tried time and time again to sort out some kind of organization but ultimately everything always ends up in a hap-hazard pile in one of two lockable holdalls. 

Shocking isn't it? 
No wonder I spend the first hour or so of most sessions sorting out the bits and pieces I want to use!  😁 


RE: How to organize collections - Like Ra - 06 Mar 2020

So far the best image manager I could find is digiKam:

The best features:

o- It's VERY versatile
o- Everything is kept in a database, but the tags and additional info can be saved in the images themselves or in separate files
o- If GPS info is embedded, it shows the cart
o- Face recognition (but it does not detect the same person, something to improve)
o- Duplicates search
o- Quality sorter (takes time to analyze and it can fully load all CPU cores)
o- Lots of tags, labels and search methods

Now I need to figure out how I can have several instances of digikam DBs: for family photos, my kinky photos, and prOn collection 😁

RE: How to organize collections - Like Ra - 14 Mar 2020

Was looking for free autotaggers and uploaded a picture to Here's the result:

 image_tagger-01.png thumbnail   

Rating - safe - good! 😉

Some tags were "guessed" correctly, though: brown hair, two girls, green eyes, brown eyes.

Can't say it's useful...

RE: How to organize collections - Like Ra - 14 Mar 2020

Imagga is even more off:

 image_tagger-02.png thumbnail     image_tagger-03.png thumbnail   

But the rating is still safe!