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Bondage in TV-Series - Strappado - 03 Jan 2010

The latest Doctor Who episode has a wild bondage wheel-chair and some straight jacket scenes, even rope bondage. Though no women bound... The chair scenes aren't exactly thrilling but it is an interesting device that even comes with a gag.

End of Time Part 2, first video - from 5:00

Around 3:30 in the second video he will be moved around in that chair

In End of Time Part 1 somwhere in the last third, you can see The Master collared and in straight jacket.

These movies will probably be removed soon, so better watch them quickly. All uploaded by the same guy, just stay on his profile and you find them all.

RE: Bondage in TV-Series - Like Ra - 03 Jan 2010

RE: Bondage in TV-Series - del_user - 03 Jan 2010

Dr Who?
I'd have thought Peri in her leotards was the best to be bound Wink

RE: Bondage in TV-Series - Strappado - 04 Jan 2010

The best bondage from that area was in Torchwood, Toshiko with hands tied behind her back tries to escape a mad humanoid alien in a forest. I can't remember the episode but I am pretty sure it was in the first season. Actually I found the clip:

RE: Bondage in TV-Series - Like Ra - 04 Jan 2010

RE: Bondage in TV-Series - Like Ra - 04 Jan 2010

Russian fairy tale "Morozko"

Video deleted

See between 5:50 and 7:40. My favourite bondage scene.

RE: Bondage in TV-Series - madjack - 06 Jan 2010

Ok - that Russian scene is either completely mad or inspired!

I love making up the plot and script for foreign language movies, and this one was a total hoot!

Mad, vodka swilling, old lady assaults possible Father Christmas figure for no apparent reason.

Ugly sisters involved in brawl with village idiots in annual ‘Who’s the ugliest of them all’ competition.

Only good looking female in the village is swept off her feet by the gayest looking prince charming this side of a traditional British Pantomime (Oh yes he is! Oh no he isn’t! etc…) and the couple dash off for a bracing ride in the country. He knows she can’t resist a spin in his sports sleigh!

Bunch of drunken baddies (more vodka!) and the oldest hag in the village decide to try the old ‘get rich quick’ trick by capturing our hero’s. Pretty girl gets tied to a tree (I assume she must be pretty, it’s difficult to tell with all those layers of clothing! – but I’m betting she’s naked underneath… )

Prince turns out to be a dab hand at the old karate moves, but it’s the dog that saves the day (plus an un-seasonal shower of… giant cloves? Must be the weird weather you get in Russia)

And it all ends happily for the three little pigs… Huh

And what do we learn from this video? Well it might be that a well trained dog could be a great release mechanism from a self bondage session. Though I must add two thoughts of caution here; 1) if your dog is anything like mine, then it will be far to unreliable and more likely to simply curl up and fall asleep for 10 hours
And 2) I recommend a bitch, not a dog – some dogs of my acquaintance might take advantage of your situation, if you know what I mean… Wink

… like raiding the fridge and eating all your best food – what did you think I meant?Tongue


RE: Bondage in TV-Series - Like Ra - 07 Jan 2010

What we learn from the video is what I've said here: Bondage can be seen anywhere including fairy tales.

I like the way the girl was bound to a tree - very accurately, with exactly the same spaces between the coils, from legs to her neck. Pretty effectively. And look around - it's winter and middle of nowhere.

BTW, I hope she's got stockings underneath and I wish she was gagged ;-)

RE: Bondage in TV-Series - Strappado - 26 Jan 2010

I wonder if a comic strip has triggered my bondage fetish.

In Germany there used to be a hedgehog hero who travelled the world with a couple of friends. Once he defeated a bunch of Chinese pirates and hogtied them with their braids (he did't cut them off). I was awfully fascinated by these pictures - at the age of six or seven, I guess, and obviously never forgot the idea. I even tried it on friends (with rope of course) around that time and ran off by excitement and fear that the others would do this to me Big Grin Oh, and I whished they would, at the same time!

perhaps this post should be transferred to "fetish in mainstream media"

RE: Bondage in TV-Series - Like Ra - 26 Jan 2010

One of my earliest bondage experience was a book in which a little boy was bound and kidnapped in a suitcase. Don't remember what this book was about, but I do remember a drawing: open suitcase, and bound boy sitting on the floor with his bound legs still in the case, hands bound behind the back. Exciting ...

Another one was a sort of a cross between a fairy tale, fantasy and satire. A couple of fairy tale heroes got to the Moon with very business-police-urban "style of life". In one of the weapon shops they "enjoyed" a quick demonstration of a gag&bound self-defence kit: a gag and a rope with a noose and two tails - the noose for the neck and the tails to bind hands behind the back.