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DIY saverball ! - Kseon09 - 28 Nov 2012

Hello all this is my first thread and i want to share with you in this link there's something called saverball(deutch:Keuschheitskäfig für Ihn)
its something like well it is chastity device for men and it works familiar to cock ring you need to open it to remove your genitals from saverball.
I made my own and it works. Here's link to the site saverball is the second one.😊 There are also some good ideas for bondage or self bondage 😋

PS. Sorry for my english i'm PL and i'm still grinding my english
Pss.There are some photos ( this is 2nd "prototype" 😁)
Psss. Ra if this thread should be somewhere else move it to right forum destination

 2012-11-28_20-58-12_895.jpg thumbnail     2012-11-28_20-55-31_649.jpg thumbnail     2012-11-28_20-54-47_650.jpg thumbnail