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Full Version: Family, friends, colleagues and fetish moments or Home together.
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Not sure where to post this.  

I was chatting with my work colleagues before a team meeting the other day and the subject of outdoor swimming pools re-opening came up. It seems that every one of my female colleagues has at least one wetsuit, and one even layers them (team questions 'how' 'lots of talc' etc.
(23 Apr 2021, 21:25 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure where to post this.  
I think I found a suitable thread!
I decided to bind my legs yesterday.


Not to play, just to chill with my wife on the couch...
(30 Jan 2018, 10:37 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]My running tights are probably 99% the same as my 'fetish' tights in how they fit and the material they are made from, so it can only be the context in which they are seen that makes it ok to wear running tights in public, but somehow not ok to wear a thick pair of 'normal' tights.

Had some good conversations about that on Instagram recently.

So it's OK to wear such items if we play the 'sports' card excuse - but otherwise you run the risk of being labelled a weirdo and/or a pervert.
Although, I am very much aware it also depends a lot on how you style and present your tights/leggings outfit in public, because some guys just need protection from themselves, TBH.
You know, the ones who are either oblivious or indifferent about how they style that look in public. I see some Instagram posts which would get
these individuals very likely to be apprehended in conservative countries. Other, more "innocent" idiots just don't know how to style leggings in a baseline
flattering manner. Indirectly, they all contribute to the public scorn that lumps us all together under labels like "MAMIL" in online rants. Yes I admit, I am strongly opinionated, I think some guys just don't have the style sense or they are simply too chubby to rock the look.

Also, it fascinates me to no end how - seemingly, there's this unwritten social rule that a matte finish is 'modest and acceptable', but shiny is considered to be 'kinky and perverted'. This leads me to think that people have this subconscious connotation that a shiny finish infers sexual perversion. Indeed, the shiny curves literally highlight your body shape, and that's why I love it. Of course, all of this applies to lesser extent in what I think, are the more sexually progressive liberal countries like Germany.

Since a few years I myself migrated from Europe to the Philippines. A somewhat conservative country, I would say, when it comes to such things.
However, I have had zero issues so far with wearing Leohex leggings in public. It did take my in-laws by surprise though haha. 
Doing groceries in super busy supermarkets no problem - only thing of note were the stares it got me, as witnessed by my wife - because the stares occurred behind my back of course.
Although this weekend was funny because I went to a drugstore in a very busy mall. I drew attention from the store clerk girls, who were suddenly very eager to help me - in contrast to the other times I went there in non-leggings outfit. In the corner of my eye I caught them whispering and giggling. Obviously about "that guy in super shiny Lycra leggings". Yeah sure, I admit I do get a bit of kick out of that haha.
Never heard of Bad Dragon dildos 😬


(17 Jul 2023, 19:58 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Never heard of Bad Dragon dildos 😬


Never. Heard. Of. Bad. Dragon. 


If money was no object and I could sneak them into the house unnoticed, I suspect I'd have a drawer full of them! 

I think my favourites are the 'squirts' but many of the others have a fascination too

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