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Full Version: Not exactly a straightjacket
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I bought an interesting latex top from ebay, here some pictures:


I would like to have a leotard like this, or like this: but well, this is a start.

Quality seems fine, thickness 0,6mm, just tight enough on the belly and just wide enough to fit the upper body including arms. It is a bit snugger on my torso by the way, but not much.

At first, I tried to get in the conventional way, close the zipper only a little bit, then pull it up with a string on a hook, while trying to wrap it around my torso, arms and shoulders. Well, this didn't work at all.

So I closed the zipper, leaving just enough space to get my head through the collar, then closed it completely. Then I pulled it over one shoulder and arm, then got the other arm in. A bit of adjustment around the waist, and it felt like the arms weren't going anywhere by themselves anymore. Of course, that process is easily reversible. Then I pushed one hand (arms crossed over the chest) up to the collar and got it over my mouth. So I could breathe in the air from the inside and breathe it out through my nose (outside), creating quite a vacuum. When I let go of the collar, it snapped back, hardly letting any air in. My arms felt like glued in place, every movement was "sucked back" by the vacuum, no air entered through the lower end. After a few minutes, some more decisive movements created very squeaky noises and the air was back in. That was to be expected of course, but still, a very nice illusion of being helpless (before the noises, that is). Getting out doesn't happen by accident, only by determination.

Actually, this could be a pretty good basis for an inescapable cling-film selfbondage. Not sure, if I will ever try, because I have no idea how to get out without help then 😉

I got this top on ebay Germany, but cannot find an active offer anymore. I might have bought the last one. Of course, it might pop up again.