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Full Version: A quick introduction.
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I'm brand new here and learning a  lot from everyone. Here's a little 411 on myself.

I'm 100% submissive male slave. I have a need to be tied or chained in rigid positions that allow for virtually no movement and then severely punished. It is not that I enjoy this but it is the catharsis that I seek. I need my negativity, depression and guilt for any and all wrong doings that I may have committed. Also, I'm completely ok with being punished even when I am being falsely accused of something I didn't do. In fact, the very worst whipping I have ever received was from my wife when she flogged me for cheating on her and I had not cheated. But, the whipping made her feel so much better and so, it was worth it.

Now days, i'm no longer married and I live alone. So, self-bondage has taken on an entirely new level of interest. I'm here to explore. It's nice to know that there are other folks out here that share similar interests and that aren't put out when we discuss some of our "issues," LOL