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Full Version: Does anyone have any experience with Madame Y files?
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I know she's an out-of-business provider, but was curious if anyone could share any impressions or experiences.
I have had a lot of fun with her stuff! If you like the premise of a female AI designed by women to subjugate men (or Portal or System Shock) and TTS works for you in general it's well worth a listen. Some of the technical aspects are dated at this point but nothing distractingly so like catgirl. Some of the stuff is charmingly kitsch in a classic pulp sci fi kind of way that belies an effective command of the craft. There's a delicious wickedness to how She's written that's timeless, reinforced by an oddly gentle sense of mechanical inevitability.
I find the files can reliably trance me and I respond to like, both positive and negative sensation suggestions while under. No wet HFO but I've never managed that, but two files (so far Receptive and Madame's Crystal) give me the same quaking full body experience as with BS and SB, with the same repeatability.
On one occasion I even had a posthypnotic suggestion stick and work without my knowledge or memory, which lead to an irresistible urge to masturbate in a restaurant bathroom. I wish things like that happened more often, but looking at my self and sexuality and that other thread about how we know if it works I'm not so sure they don't/ haven't 😊.
So, overall I highly recommend to anyone looking to expand their hypnotic horizons.
And if you're a fan of the premise I'd say it's absolutely essential.
Thanks for the response. Which file had you unknowingly masturbating?