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Full Version: New top menu design
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The top menu should be redesigned. It was created ages ago, when 95% of the traffic was coming from desktops. Nowadays, when almost all traffic is from mobile devices, the menu should be "responsive" (just like the rest, but it's another story).

As always, I'm open to any suggestions, solution, hits, tips, donations and general help.

Can be combined with the site navigation redesign:
There is a lot to be said for the old ways of doing things, when developers had to work with more limited power & network speeds.

Too often modern web sites are totally unusable on your phone if you roam into a low bandwidth area.
I'm looking at you: js frameworks, hi Res pictures, background images & embedded video.

How much tech do you find is slower today tan when we had Windows NT/95. - I'm looking at you Microsoft SharePoint and Google docs!
If "responsive" means hidden under a silly three dot/bar menu button, than no thanks.
-Sent from my mobile phone that has zero trouble interacting with this website unlike 90% "responsive" website attempts out there.
(02 Aug 2023, 23:11 )Pseudo_Sissy Wrote: [ -> ]If "responsive" means hidden under a silly three dot/bar menu button, than no thanks.
Yes, the 3-line "sandwich" menu, plus "expanded" text menu at the bottom. What's wrong with the 3-line button?

The current design is based on "mouse hover", what is not possible on mobile devices.
(02 Aug 2023, 23:15 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]"mouse hover", what is not possible on mobile devices.
Modern mobile browsers simulate mouseover pretty flawlessly by touching and scrolling.
Sure, it might be nice for it to open the submenus by tapping on mobile but even without any mouseover simulation at all you can just click through. It just requires single extra reload of very lightweight webpage.
(02 Aug 2023, 23:15 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]wrong with the 3-line button?
Problem with the menu button is that it's artificially adding level zero of hierarchy to introduce a menu that should be visible in the first place. Often forcefully creating hierarchical menu where there was originally none.
Most people just don't ever notice there's any menu at all because they expect that to be useless menu with "about" and "settings"

Phones with their vertical 20:9 screens have no shortage of vertical real-estate, which can't be said for (sadly still mainstream) 1080p 16:9 PCs.
Hm.... All are very valid points...
I am im agreement with egregious and pseudo sissy here. My phone is a nothing special s9 with duckduck go and the website loads perfectly fine and is very usable and snappy fast.