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Full Version: Rain Fashion and PVC fetish
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And what about this one, from Dollhouse !

Thats a nice one! I like the open eyes...
I am still looking for rainwear, but recently got a nice new coat/poncho which I can (and do) use for fetish only, due to the printing and shape. I want to do some private cosplay, and it might be very suitable for that.

[Image: 1330251229-712.jpg]


available here:

It is very tough cloth with a rough inside (some other models are different cloth) and a plastic feel, similar to some raincoats from the 70s. The inside is quite rough, the outside a little bit. No stretch at all. The bottom is like a wide A-line skirt, but can be turned into a ballon-skirt with a drawstring.

Around the upper torso, it is very narrow, feels like being wrapped there. I got it in size M, which is exactly right, I would not be able to put on size S.

If you click "Osterspecial" there is another one in shiny blue, different material and size S. There was one in black and size M as well, but it was sold out before I had a chance to get it.
(31 Mar 2015, 22:15 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Why nit this one? 😉

Because it is just a short cape.
Ah, OK, I like the material, though 😉 - some nice pictures. be careful, some links lead to paid sites and porn-loops. - fairly old, speaks for itself: "THIS SITE IS DEDICATED FOR MEN OR WOMEN WHO LOVE RAINCOAT."

I cannot recall any thread about rainwear images on this forum, so please post your own links here, if you like. Please do not post images directly, just links to collections. And please do not post links to pay-sites.
Does it count as rain fashion?

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