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Full Version: Rain Fashion and PVC fetish
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I am back on the topic. A few days after starting this thread, I ordered the pvc gown I mentioned before and a cape from that british maker. Things arrived today and I am happy with both.

The gown is exactly how I hoped it would be, fits tightly around my torso except for a little space in the front and the lower part is wide enough for normal walking, but I wouldn't be able to step onto a chair.

The cape is just a simple but quite narrow cape with a string-hood and no openings for the arms. I have a few ideas on using it during self bondage. The basic idea is to wrap it tightly, with my arms bound on the back, then close it with a belt or rope. I made a quick test with my arms behind the back but unbound, and there isn't much space to move the arms around - cool!

Quality seems fine to me, not really much that I could judge. It is normal pvc material, with the typical smell and shiny nice colours.

I have to say that this shop has a specific sense for fetish gear that I like, and there is no trace of the typical porn attitudes that other shops often show. I am saving up for the overall now. I would like the maid dress as well, but rather on a girlfriend than on me.
Speaking of PVC. I like this transparent plastic hood: [attachment=1636]
Who can say that it's not related to the rain fashion? You can wear it during rainy weather. You can see through the hood and it will keep your hair dry 😋

I would add a gag, by the way. Possibly also transparent.
I'm beginning to like transparent PVC clothes more and more...
There is a wealth of images on pvc-u-like and they have some cute models too. Simply click through the interesting products, then explore your browser-cache on the hard disk.

I think I prefer opaque pvc for personal use, but on women, transparent looks great!
It looks like after all I am much more into PVC than into latex. I have ordered more stuff after checking my budget and for the moment I should be done (for monetary reasons), ending up with a fairly tight cape, long robes, short jacket, long jacket (which I might have the balls to wear it in public on my bycicle) and tight pants. These pants are made from pu-coated lycra for a better fit, and I guess that pants that tight would be hard to walk in because PVC sticks to the skin.
I can think of five reasons why I might prefer PVC over latex:

o- price
o- transparency (even if it's thick and baggy).
o- plastic keeps the shape better (if it's needed). This is important for, for example, flare skirts and coats
o- it does not stick to nylon (e.g. pantyhose encasement underneath a thin transparent plastic suit)
o- it does not need dressing aids (like lubricants, talcum powder)

In all other cases latex wins (elasticity, flexibility, tightness, "wrinkleless", smell, absence of seams, etc).

I found another place to find raingear with fetish potential: ebay UK. there you can actually select "rainwear" and get lots of offers. It is probably worth checking other European countries as well. German ebay isn't good.
Agu Sport rain skirt. So Ebay NL has some stuff too. I consider ordering one.

And it looks like Dutch is close enough to German, I can understand it roughly, when it is written.

PS and OT in this particular post: There is one big advantage of PVC over latex: You don't need to have the perfect body.
I made a new thread under "inventory" with a few images of my pvc stuff.
What a mix of German, Dutch and English! This is the only Dutch phrase I found:

"Een gloednieuw, ongebruikt, en ongedragen object in de oorspronkelijke verpakking"

Absolutely new, never used or worn, in the original package"

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