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Full Version: The long fall boots from portal 2
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Been running the 3d printer 24 hours a day 7 days a week recently but I found an opening and so an old pet project of mine got printed. Specifically I like the strange metallic heel at the back of the portal 2 boot which has a very graceful look to it. I once grabbed the file for the boots, cut off the main part of the boot to make an independent heel. This time I sized it to be roughly anatomically correct at around 43 cm tall or Thereabouts and cut it in two to make it printable with a hastily put together dovetail joint. 24 hours of print time later I had a heel. 

Don't have the full boot yet as it would be difficult to print so I just strapped the heel to me with some rope. Not the best mount, kinda wobbly. The heel part actually worked great, surprisingly it diverted stress away from the back of my foot which was quite comfortable, the only downside being the lack of a toe pad or shoe meant that I had to maintain foot position by myself which is annoying and the heel liked to move slightly to the left or right due to lack of proper mounting. Photos are attached. I find it funny that the pose and camera angle exaggerates my calves. Also of note trying to get up or down from the ground  with the heel is an annoyance. It is just so long.
Potentially awesome 😊 I do love cosplaying the Portal universe!

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