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Full Version: Bondage webbing master hogtie review
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Bought a few days ago, arrived today and tested today. Time for the review. Accidentally deleted my first one so this is a bit more terse. Bought the master hogtie, a 1.75 inch trainer ball gag and a locking wrist loop

Before arrival: Alex is amazing, answers your questions and quickly. Also averted my comical mistake of needing the delivery in 7 days but the range of time is 5-7 for making it, she delivered in 2 days which is very fast. 

Packaging: arrived in the usual usps bag with two smaller bags inside, everything was neatly rolled and packaged but it was a bit confusing with so many parts. No complaints here. 

Fitting: yeah I fucked up on this one, not critically so but still. I got wrist loop size in small when I should have gotten large or even extra large. If you plan on buying this do check the wrist loop sizing chart on the wrist loop page, my blunder was that I thought the less then 12 inch length was for one wrist when it was for two. Dumb mistake but I can get a replacement for 30 dollars. 

The shoulder and ankle loops are adjustable and so getting a perfect fit is a lot easier, if you are toeing the line between sizes get the bigger one, it will be more comfortable. 

For the men don't get the 3 inch ring, is it quite frankly too large and won't fit as well, go with the 2 inch or different style. I got a modification for an adjustable buckled on both sides which was very neat though. 

When Alex says that you need to trim and burn the ends she is not saying that out of looks or anything. She put straps so long that Shrek could probably fit in, if you had the same vertical dimensions as me but were shaped like a ball it would fit you. The strap are quite ridiculously long, I still won't trim them but that is just because I am gaining a lot of muscle mass and losing weight and any fit I do probably won't fit by the end of the week.

How does it feel?: starting off with the gag it feels perfectly fine for the most part, strap and ball are normal, the darlex behaves like a stretchy sheet of fabric, very soft and comfortable on the nose but has a bad habit of being smushed together near the mouth, after putting it on I would recommend manually adjusting the darlex a bit, also this is not unexpected but the 2 darlex strips near your nose while comfortable do block a bit of your vision, it gets somewhat annoying at times. This depends on the shape of your face though. If your face is longer this is less likely to be a problem, however having a shorter face works against me in this case. The fitting is very adjustable and you can get it to be a lot tighter and more comfortable.

The harness itself is a bit messy there are a lot of straps and when hanging it will be difficult to tell which is which, check the ring locations when in doubt. Still it does at times feel like strap spaghetti. When all is properly placed and fitted it is very fast to put on and take off, needing only seconds for release. Also I would wear clothing that covers most of limbs, strap burn is real and the straps are neither soft or stretchy, they will leave a mark if you struggle without clothing or padding. 

Once all the straps and stuff are in but before the hogtie begins the kit is very comfortable yet restrictive. If ignoring some circumstantial problems and I could work from home at a computer or if I was just scrolling I would consider just wearing it for some everyday bondage, the gag would have to be ditched due to affecting vision though.  

The procedure pt1: easy enough, while standing put you head between the two straps on the body harness and just let it drape over your chest and back, connect the two tails of the harness. Sit down on the side of the bed. Check to make sure it is the right side up and the right direction, the receiving buckles are in front and when paired with the input buckle the tightening strap is on the outside. 

While sitting you just attach the 3 straps that go on the legs in the appropriate positions and tighten, then you need to put on the ankle strap, place it on as tight a possible. Check to make sure the upper knee and ankle strap have the correct buckle orientation or else it won't work properly. The lip of the buckle should point towards your center rather then away from you. The upper knee strap is a little shit as it will often try to slip closer to your knees or just fall down. Also attach the wrist strap to the upper knee strap at this point, it will save you a lot of time later.

After this step just connect the straps on the body harness while making sure they aren't twisted and are paired correctly the two upper strap go past your arms too, once tightened as much as possible just unbuckle all but the stomach one which is not paired to the other side and lift it up and out, this way it is convenient to reapply but it needs to temporarily be off. 

Follow the guide on attaching the yoking harness, shoulder thingies and strap. 

The next step is going to be a point of no return for movement range so you need to apply your gag and any other real adjustment at this point. Also pole everything right besides the middle of where you will lie down

Now you gotta pick the body harness and put it back on and buckle everything, at this point your upper arm freedom is greatly reduced, now go to the spot you chose and lie down, it can be as close as right behind you. 

Getting into the hogtie: once you fit everything and everything is in place it is time to do the hogtie part innit? This is where the process goes from smooth ride to oh shit of fuck what is happening. Mostly due to strap quantity and lower dexterity behind yourself. At this point if you did everything right there should be no hidden surprises as there were for me. 

Just connect the head strap and shoulder strap to the ankle buckles this will be annoying as attaching the buckle behind your back is quite confusing. Once that is done the fun begins, you just gotta start pulling, first go with the head strap as it is more annoying, arch your back as far as you can comfortably do and bend your head back as far as possible, not comfortable, emphasis on possible, it feels better.

 Then after strapping your head in you are on a bit of a time crunch to tighten the shoulder straps as hogtieing yourself by the head is not pleasant, tighten as much as possible and squeeze your arms and wiggle around to tighten more, don't however expect it to be as tight as the photos on bondage webbing, you can't do that unless you are very very strong you won't be able to overcome the resistance on your thighs and ankles to bending. The final nail is that in the image the buckles are past the area your hands can reach while armbindered. No way without external help which I find a bit dishonest of BW/Alex. If you can prove me wrong you get to shame me for it but otherwise that is impossible. 

After this point it is really just about getting into the wrist restraints which I have chronically undersized. It wasn't comfortable or that restrictive but that is the price of not measuring properly. Hopefully with a properly sized on it just tightens and the hogtie is complete. 

Is it worth it/would I reccomend: First things first the kit is expensive, 400 dollars is a huge amount of money to drop on what is a very situational and very limited item. In raw material terms the kit is definitely overpriced compared to Chinese made bondage stuff. I would counter that if you enjoy bondage and don't mind doing the same position this is all you really will ever need, it is strict enough that the only way to surpass it would probably be a vacuum bed or getting a partner to tie you up, if you can get a partner to tie you up just get them to tighten the hogtied and whatever they do will probably be outmatched. 

I personally justify it as cost/time/risk saving. The only thing I will ever need from now on to buy for sexual purposes would just be clothes, vibrator and chastity/urethral play. That has basically permanently capped my spending for bdsm, assuming on the lower end that I spend 100 on each (decent maid outfit/hush 2/tetherspout kit)that means that with 300 or so dollars more my bdsm journey stops. No need for further expansion or spending as you aeady reached peak, only the costs of replacing old parts really. 

It saves me significant time as well, I checked and I spent around 30 minutes getting in after setup and it took less then 7 minutes to get out the first time. Even without considering the speed from experience this aeady cuts down on the time I spent during prep and cleanup by over 60%, meaning that I could reasonably do a daily session in an hour or less. Sacrificing one hour of sleep is significantly easier. 

Risk saving is the most vague but has to be considered. The chances of this having a critical error and not releasing are very low considering it's just buckles. Far safer then knots or rope harnesses or stuff like that. Another consideration for me personally is that it cuts down on storage space. Currently my entire kit occupies about a backpacks worth, this includes a very large bag of rope and equally large assortment of bondage gear.  Post today I need a quarter of the room. The bottom of one of the bags is good enough. This means that in the event of a purge(sudden dislike of bondage, not the movie) or a moving I could just place everything in a large plastic bag, shove it in the bottom of the main bag and just fill the rest of the bag with random tech items. The risk of being outed goes from far too high to very low. 

In summary. Would I recommend ? If you agree with the points raised above and have the money to spare and are ok with doing the same position a bunch of times I would say go for it ! If not you probably shouldn't. 

Image aspect is really shitty, I was too close to the camera and I had to crop a lot of garbage background but here you go. Next time remind me to shoot landscape and not 1 foot away from camera
I got a solo staightjacket strap set from Alex a few years back.
Fully aggree with oyour customer service comments.
Very communicative and keen to make sure you are getting what you want and happy to accomodate any tweaks.
Bit tired today so I won't be trying the new and properly sized locking wrist cuffs but I did take a photo. I also wanted to share the new time reductions. On my second time using the kit it took 25 minutes to get in and 10 to get out. On the way in I got confused by the chest harness and had trouble threading the straps and on the way out I forgot how far I needed to push the buckles and got out by unbucklign the ankle strap which took a while. I expect that with more experience the time can be reduced down to around 15 minutes in and 6 minutes out, however reducing way out time will be difficult as usually I become quite tired and need some time for the refractory period to end.
I got  video done ladies and gentlemen. A full 47 minutes with 15 minutes locked in, excuse my lack of strictness as I broke a personal record for 140lbs for the core muscles, backs and arms (individually) and utterly wrecked my muscles so I wasn't able to get into a very stringent position, also the gag harness slipped to the side which was kinda awkward.

Also had a urethral chastity and hush in at the same time. 


The youtube link, is age restricted because youtube.

Lessons learned from the bondage.
Neoprene can get sweaty, not very comfortable really.
Don't do bondage in a warm room, you heat up a bit on your own and it gets real nasty. 
Gag harness can slip a bit. Make sure to adjust before being fully tied.

Thanks @Lancer for this amazing review and video 💓 
I think I will buy one as my chrismas gift 😁 

To confort me in buying one, please, do you have the full instruction pdf offered by the website during the purchase and can you share it please? Blush

Thanks in advance for your answer

Have a nice day.
(06 Nov 2022, 21:22 )Dweez Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

Thanks @Lancer for this amazing review and video 💓 
I think I will buy one as my chrismas gift 😁 

To confort me in buying one, please, do you have the full instruction pdf offered by the website during the purchase and can you share it please? Blush

Thanks in advance for your answer

Have a nice day.

Ya don't have to pay to get the pdf

(07 Nov 2022, 08:02 )Lancer Wrote: [ -> ]
(06 Nov 2022, 21:22 )Dweez Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,

Thanks @Lancer for this amazing review and video 💓 
I think I will buy one as my chrismas gift 😁 

To confort me in buying one, please, do you have the full instruction pdf offered by the website during the purchase and can you share it please? Blush

Thanks in advance for your answer

Have a nice day.

Ya don't have to pay to get the pdf

Thanks Rolleyes