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Full Version: Public mummification ;)
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Errrmmmm..... WTF????
(10 May 2022, 01:45 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Errrmmmm..... WTF????

I'm assuming this is in China and has something to do with CCP's heavy handed approach to stopping the spread of covid in the most absurd and inhumane ways.
Well that has to top the list for weirdest method of arresting someone but. Yeah, this is probably Shanghai in China, government has gone nuts and the police/big whites basically treat it like a contact disease, like how you would treat a really fast spreading norovirus epidemic. Sadly bleach sterilization and avoiding bodily contact does very little against covid, the masks and face shield actually do the job. Sadly the government has their heads so far up their backsides they refuse to admit their foolishness or take foreign vaccines, speak out and get punished.

Hence, wrapping someone up to avoid contact during an airborne disease pandemic.
I still don't understand it. He would be able to get out anyway if he's cuffed to a rail inside the car. And what's next? Just lay them all on top of each other? Until what? Still makes no sense to me...

Anybody from China?
So far, I see only one "reasonable reason" - if the poor guy is mentally unstable and can injure himself.
looking for a scenario in my yellow pvc suit, maybe supplemented with yellow wanders, to go to mcdonalds, for a public humiliation, anyone input ?

no mask, this is forbidden