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Full Version: Ideas for strict BUT escapable release methods
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Hi lovely people! I have some time coming up, completely alone.

Would love to do some SB, and would love some ideas on release methods that are totally safe but still a bit strict. I'm worried about losing handcuff keys, for example!

Thanks in advance!
Rope ratchets in combination with panic hooks if you need to get out at a moment's notice or ice locks if you are able/willing to stay put for a determined, slightly vague time frame (depending on ice volume, ambient temperature), for panic hooks see here. As long as you can get a grip on the panic hook and move the slider in the indicated direction, you can immediately release the tension on any rope. Do not rely on being able to open a rope ratchet, once it's near full tension the little release nubbin will not budge. Rope ratchet, very much like single ring devices are a one way cinch.

Ice locks can be as simple as a metal O-Ring, a stocking or sock and an ice cube slightly larger than the O-Ring or sophisticated DIY projects with hardware store supplies or 3D printed. Searching the forums should give you plenty of ideas. Experiment with different sizes of ice chunks and you'll get a hang of how long each size requires to melt to be able to free yourself.

Metal cuffs connected to electromagnets (from door locks, for example) also work.
The electromagnet needs to be one that demagnetizes once the power is out.
You can use smart/timed sockets (also available in analog form, so you do not rely on a working internet connection) to control the release. Always daisychain at least two in a row as a fallback and make sure you enter the correct timer interval, urban myths tell of a poor soul who entered days instead of hours and had a nasty surprise coming. If you don't want to use gags during your playtime, you can even use voice commands to open/close the magnetic lock (still use at least two analog timers as backup, if you interent cuts out).

And always remember the golden rule - STAY SAFE